Category: Messages to the Community

Title: COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocol Violations

Dear Members of the Georgetown University Community,

We all have a shared responsibility to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and abide by the health and safety guidelines of the Georgetown University Community Compact (“Community Compact”), the District of Columbia and the federal government.

Among those measures specified in the Community Compact, those on campus or students living in the Georgetown, Burleith, or Foxhall neighborhoods (“Neighborhoods”) must:

  • Wear a mask over your nose and mouth at all times (except when alone in a room, when eating/drinking, when in your personal residence without guests, or when exercising outdoors with at least six feet of physical distancing);
  • Maintain physical distancing of at least six feet, except when in your personal residence without guests;
  • Limit non-university-sponsored gatherings to no more than ten individuals; and
  • Complete a daily health attestation in order to access University buildings, if approved to be on campus.

Reports of low-level noncompliance — such as not wearing a mask, if compliant when reminded, or not practicing physical distancing in a brief and apparently unintentional way — will be handled at the campus-level and individuals will be provided with educational information on adherence moving forward.

Reports of serious or persistent noncompliance — such as gathering in groups of more than ten people, not abiding by quarantine/isolation requirements, or repeated lower level violations — will be referred to the appropriate University campus disciplinary body for investigation and adjudication. This referral may result in ongoing suspension of access to campus and University facilities, and corrective or disciplinary actions and sanctions under the procedures set forth in the applicable Student Code of Conduct or professionalism, the Faculty Responsibilities Code, or Human Resources policies, as applicable.

If a student or faculty or staff member observes an individual or group whom they suspect is not acting in accordance with established health and safety protocols, they can report these incidents through the COVID-19 Incident Report Form. Reports will be referred to the relevant campus official for follow up. Your good faith reporting is protected by the University’s whistle-blower protection policy. Examples of behaviors to report include concerns about gatherings of more than ten people, failure to wear a mask or comply with physical distancing guidelines, or failure to adhere to quarantine/isolation protocols.

In addition, we have launched a new “Public Health Ambassador” program on the Main, Medical and Law campuses as part of our Redeploy Georgetown program. These individuals will be easily identified and will be present on campus and in the Neighborhoods to remind members of our community to adhere to public health guidelines, provide free masks, and answer any questions.

All of us must do our part to reinforce the healthy behaviors of one another. Thank you for your commitment to protect the health and safety of each other and all members of the Georgetown community.


Robert M. Groves

Edward B. Healton
Executive Vice President of Health Sciences

Geoffrey S. Chatas
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer