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Title: COVID-19 and Business – Subject Matter Experts

WASHINGTON — Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business professors offer expertise for journalists seeking interviews in a variety of subjects related to coronavirus, including its intersection with issues related to business. 

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Reena Aggarwal, Ph.D., is a professor of finance and director of the Georgetown Center for Financial Markets and Policy. She specializes in global financial markets, capital raising, initial public offerings, initial coin offerings, fintech, institutional investors, ETFs, private equity, valuation, stock exchange structure, securities market regulation, and corporate governance. Her research is well-recognized for addressing global governance challenges and has received the prestigious BlackRock-National Association of Corporate Directors Award. She was honored with the Allan N. Nash Distinguished Doctoral Graduate Award by University of Maryland, and the Distinguished Alumnus Award by BITS Pilani. She serves on the editorial boards of major journals. She regularly presents her work to government agencies and at academic conferences. Find her on twitter at @ProfAggarwal.

Areas of Expertise: Impact of coronavirus on markets; Impact of IPO market/private equity

COVID-19 Media Clips:

PRINT: How Coronavirus Affects Upcoming IPOs in 2020 (U.S. News and World Report. April 3, 2020)

James Angel, Ph.D., is an associate professor of finance. He specializes in the market structure and regulation of global financial markets. He has testified before Congress about issues relating to the design of financial markets. In addition, he has been quoted in hundreds of newspaper articles and has appeared numerous times on radio and television.  Find him on twitter at @GuFinProf.

Areas of Expertise: Economic impact of coronavirus; Likelihood of coronavirus triggering a recession; How the markets will react to the latest news in coronavirus

COVID-19 Media Clips:

PRINT: Factbox: A 7% plunge in the S&P triggered a trading halt. Here’s how circuit breakers work (Reuters, March 9, 2020)

Marty Conway is an adjunct professor of sports business and teaches courses in sports leadership, management, global games and international sport, the business of sports media, sports marketing strategy, and sports event and facility management.  Find him on twitter at @martyconway.

Areas of Expertise: Impact of coronavirus on sports

COVID-19 Media Clips:

PRINT: How the NBA is planning to save its season after the coronavirus forced a suspension (CNBC, March 6, 2020)

Thomas Cooke, J.D., is a distinguished teaching professor of business law. He specializes in the legal environment of business and federal income taxation. He serves as a faculty co-director of the McDonough Business School’s Global Experience Vietnam program. Find him on twitter at @GUProfessor19.

Areas of Expertise: Impact of coronavirus’ spread on various industries and countries, including travel, airline, hotel/lodging, hospitality, and Apple; Impact of coronavirus spread on corporate earnings/bottom line

COVID-19 Media Clips:

TV: Pressure mounts for U.S. government to enact stimulus plan (Yahoo! Finance, March 11, 2020)

Leslie Crutchfield is the executive director of Business for Impact at Georgetown McDonough. She is an educator and author of How Change Happens: Why Some Social Movements Succeed While Others Don’t. She also co-authored the bestselling nonprofit leadership book, Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits. Crutchfield previously served as managing director at Ashoka and co-founded a national social enterprise. She is a senior advisor at FSG social impact consultants, where she coauthored Do More Than Give, and she teaches corporate social responsibility in the MBA program at Georgetown. 

Areas of Expertise: Corporate social responsibility/philanthropy and coronavirus

COVID-19 Media Clips:

PRINT: U.K. Government Rescues Cripled Charities Sector (Forbes, April 9, 2020)

Arthur Dong, J.D., is a teaching professor of strategy and economics. He has taught courses in strategic management, entrepreneurial strategy, organizational design strategy, infrastructure finance, financial accounting, value investing, and the economics of strategic behaviour. He also leads the school’s China Global Residency, and the electives Value Investing and the Economics of Strategic Behavior. 

Areas of Expertise: Impact if coronavirus on China trade, China’s economy, and the global economy

COVID-19 Media Clips:

TV: The Heat: Coronavirus – Global Impact (CGTN, April 4, 2020)

Karthik Easwar, Ph.D., is an assistant teaching professor with expertise in consumer psychology. His interests and research focus on the influence of affect, emotion, and prospection on consumer information processing and decision-making.

Easwar also has written cases for Harvard Business Publishing examining various global business challenges. At Georgetown, he teaches principles of marketing and consumer behavior. Find him on twitter at @Karthik_Easwar.

Areas of Expertise: Consumer behavior; Brand marketing and communication; Impact on retailers

Brooks Holtom, Ph.D., is a professor of management. Holtom’s research focuses on how organizations acquire, develop, and retain human and social capital. His work has appeared in the top journals in management (Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, International Journal of Human Resource Management, and many others). 

Areas of Expertise: Top employee coronavirus concerns; Impact of coronavirus on workplace productivity; Teleworking/alternative work arrangements; Impact of coronavirus on graduation seniors job prospects

COVID-19 Media Clips:

PRINT: Sneeze Guards and Temperature Checks Are the New Normal for U.S. Retail (Bloomberg, April 10, 2020)

Prashant Malaviya, Ph.D., is an associate professor of marketing and senior associate dean for MBA programs. His research focuses on understanding how consumers use information to make product judgments and consumption decisions. His research has been published in leading marketing journals, and he has taught courses to executives, MBA, and undergraduate students on marketing management, marketing strategy, brand management, customer focus, consumer behavior, and related topics. Find him on twitter at @SADMalaviya.

Areas of Expertise: Brand marketing and communications during coronavirus; Branding changes; Consumer behavior

Christie Nordhielm, Ph.D., is an associate teaching professor of marketing. She has been a marketing educator and consultant for more than 25 years. She is the creator of the Big Picture Framework and author of the book Marketing Management: The Big Picture. Nordhielm lectures and consults worldwide in the areas of marketing strategy, global marketing, marketing communications, and social impact marketing. 

Areas of Expertise: Consumer behavior; Effectiveness of coronavirus ad campaigns; Impact on retail

COVID-19 Media Clips:

PRINT: The LA Rams Reveal New Look—Amid Pandemic—to Mixed Reviews (March 24, 2020)

Jason Schloetzer, Ph.D., is an associate professor of accounting. His research examines accounting phenomena from an economic perspective, often focusing on how management control systems impact firm performance. He is perhaps best known for his use of archival data collected from companies, having collaborated on research projects with firms in the oil and gas, heavy vehicle manufacturing, industrial coatings, and consumer products industries. At the McDonough School, Schloetzer teaches courses on how to use accounting data to make decisions, with a particular emphasis on how to assess the profitability of products and services, and how to measure and create economic value. He teaches in the MBA, Executive MBA, and Executive Master’s in Leadership programs. Find him on twitter at @jschloetzer.

Areas of Expertise: CEO pay cuts; Leadership and management during coronavirus

COVID-19 Media Clips:

PRINT:  CEOs are taking pay cuts as furloughs and layoffs mount. Is it actually helping? (Fortune, April 1, 2020) 

Catherine Tinsley, Ph.D., is Raffini Family Professor of Management. She also is faculty director of the Georgetown University Women’s Leadership Institute, academic director of the Executive Master’s in Leadership program, and a senior policy scholar at the Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy. Tinsley is an expert on gender intelligent leadership, gender parity and workforce development, negotiations, and decision making. 

Areas of Expertise: Assessing coronavirus risk; Why we ignore lifesaving advice and international warnings

COVID-19 Media Clips:

PRINT:  Why risk of contracting coronavirus isn’t enough to keep people apart (March 26, 2020)

Rohan Williamson, Ph.D., is a professor of finance and Bolton Sullivan/Thomas Dean Chair in International Business. Williamson specializes in risk management, corporate governance, corporate investment decisions, and corporate liquidity. His research has appeared in top academic journals, as well as practitioner-oriented publications. Williamson also has written several book chapters and presented his work at conferences and seminars around the world. 

Areas of Expertise: Economic impact of coronavirus; The likelihood of coronavirus triggering a recession; The impact of the Fed rate cut on the economic damage done by coronavirus

COVID-19 Media Clips:

PRINT: Will coronavirus cause a global recession? We still don’t know (March 9, 2020)