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Title: Christina Bi (C’21)

Christina Bi
Christina Bi is a student in the College.

“Why did I come to Georgetown? Probably because of the academics. I liked the idea of a liberal arts education that would provide me with a wholesome and expansive knowledge of topics that were outside my intended major and fields of interest. Even though I am a pre-med student, I didn’t want to go to college and spend every day taking strictly science courses. If I hadn’t come to Georgetown, I probably never would have taken a theology class – and here I am, probably going to declare a minor in Theology any day now! That’s what I love about the diversity of education here; it can really open your eyes to new paths and fields that you never even knew you had a passion for.

Other than that, my love for this university manifested itself in the people that I have met on campus. I found a group of friends that I can share my true and whole self to. It sounds cheesy, but they love and support me and encourage me to do things that I never would have done without their guidance. Not only them, though; the professors I have had are just amazing, and you can really tell that they are passionate for what they do and want to impart knowledge to you in a way that makes you fall in love with the subject. Some of my professors have become my closest mentors on campus and that’s just something I don’t feel that I would have gotten at any other university.”

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