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Title: Affirming Professional Conduct at Georgetown

Dear Colleagues,

Professional conduct is a cornerstone of our university communal life. As Georgetown’s Code of Ethical Conduct reminds us, “In their actions on behalf of the University, faculty and staff should treat others with courtesy, civility and dignity.” We all have a responsibility to be respectful in our interactions with students and one another on campus.

To help all members of our community better understand the policies that guide our professional conduct and to more easily identify ways to address unprofessional conduct, the university has created a new website resource, The site compiles key information and processes for faculty and staff/AAPs across our campuses, with a focus on:

  • Getting support when facing unprofessional conduct and bullying
  • Reporting unprofessional conduct and bullying, as well as outlining processes that can lead to potential corrective and disciplinary actions
  • Finding training for identifying and responding to unprofessional conduct and bullying

As previously announced, we are in the final interview stages and look forward to soon announcing the first university staff ombuds, who will serve as a neutral, trusted and confidential resource for informal resolution of concerns of the staff/AAP community, operating under the principles of “confidentiality, impartiality, informality and independence.” 

We offer our gratitude to the Professional Conduct Working Group, co-chaired by Elliot Crooke and Tony Kinslow and including faculty and staff representatives from across our university, that guided the development of this online resource.

We thank you for your attention to the policies, resources and trainings that will help cultivate inclusiveness, respect and collegiality here at Georgetown.


David B. Green, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Robert M. Groves, Provost

Edward B. Healton, Executive Vice President for Health Sciences 

William M. Treanor, Executive Vice President and Dean of the Law Center