Category: Messages to Students, Messages to the Community

Title: Academic End-of-Year and Move-Out Reminders

Dear Students,

As we near the end of the academic year and approach move-out and Commencement, there will be a significant amount of activity and number of guests on campus over the next few weeks. We write to share the following reminder to ensure a safe and smooth end of the school year:

Safety & Neighborhood Reminders

  • Locking Doors: Take care to lock your residence doors, both on and off campus, even if you’re home. Be mindful during move-out not to leave items unattended or doors open/unlocked.
  • Tailgating: Please pay particular attention to the issue of “tailgating,” where residents knowingly or unknowingly allow unauthorized individuals to pass through GOCard-accessed entrances with them or behind them.
  • Nighttime transportation: Avoid walking alone at night, and be aware of your surroundings and avoid distractions like being on your phone or wearing earbuds while traveling. Use the SafeRides safety shuttle service by calling (202) 784-7433.
  • LiveSafe: Download the LiveSafe app to access emergency response information and to communicate with GUPD (anonymously if you prefer). You can use its “SafeWalk” feature to share your location in real time with friends or family as you walk to your destination.
  • Neighborhood Conduct: As you move through the residential neighborhoods, please be considerate of community members and our Student Neighborhood Assistance Program (SNAP) team.

Contact GUPD at or (202) 687-4343 with any questions.

Cyber-Safety and Online Conduct

We have been made aware of concerning messages on the social media app “Flok,” which are repugnant and antithetical to our values. Messages and acts of bias and hate have no place on our campus or in our community. They are fully investigated, and anyone found responsible will be held accountable. In addition, we urge students to take caution when interacting with others online, especially those you have not met in person, and to never share private images or videos online or by phone.

Move-Out Reminders

Make sure you are familiar with all of the components of the move-out process, as described on the Residential Living website.

The annual Move-Out Drive – an opportunity to repurpose and donate your household items – is ongoing for on-campus students and for students living in the neighborhood off-campus.

We offer our heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2022, and hope that all students have a fruitful and enjoyable summer.


Dr. Jeanne F. Lord
Dean of Students and Interim VP for Student Affairs

Jay Gruber
Chief of Police, Associate Vice President for Public Safety