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Title: A Thanksgiving Personality Test To Take When You’re Too Stuffed To Move:
President DeGioia’s Thanksgiving Edition

Author: Alara (SFS'24)
Date Published: November 17, 2022

As Americans rejoice with full tables and even fuller bellies, I spent my own Thanksgiving with Georgetown President John J. DeGioia. No matter if you were also at Georgetown or having to wait an extra three hours on the West Coast, we can all agree on the traditional Thanksgiving menu. From roasted turkey to pumpkin pie, everyone has a classic Thanksgiving dish that matches their personality — take this quiz to reveal yours…


Picture of Menu at the Thanksgiving DinnerThanksgiving meal featuring turkey, salad, cranberry sauce, and mac & cheese



1. Turkey

You’re the main dish and the star of the show. Everyone loves you and feels comforted by your presence. In fact, one could say your personality matches President DeGioia. Did you know this year marked President DeGioia’s twenty second annual Thanksgiving dinner? With white cloth round tables, live jazzy music and rows of pumpkin pie, it was a special night for students spending the holidays at Georgetown. As we walked into the Healy Family Student Center, President DeGioia was ready to greet his incoming guests, shaking our hands and showing us to the buffet. Total main character energy.


Photo of the crowd attending dinner, eating and socializing


2. Mac & Cheese

You’re a warm, supportive person. You listen well and give the best advice. Your personality best matches with Theresa DeGioia, President DeGioia’s wife. As a fellow Georgetown alum, she is in fact the inspiration behind this annual dinner. When Mrs. DeGioia was an undergraduate, she was unable to go home for the holidays, so she wanted to create a gathering space for students in similar situations. Twenty-two years and thousands of well-fed students later, her legacy continues to grow!

Alara and two friends smiling with flowers in their hair


3. Stuffing

A necessary part of every holiday meal, you add flavor and substance to the table. If you chose stuffing as your classic Thanksgiving dish, then you are just like my roommates! We are an international bunch. I am from Turkey, Gauri is from Singapore and Elisabeth from France. For us, going “home” for Thanksgiving isn’t usually an option (even though it would have been very cool to tell people I went to Turkey for Thanksgiving). The HSFC was bustling as students saw old friends and met new ones. Each person I met brought a new “flavor” to our table, filled with unique stories about why they were at Georgetown and how they celebrate the holidays.


Caterers smile at camera with their dishes


4. Pumpkin pie

You’re the sweetest! You treat everyone you meet with kindness and would do anything for the people you love. If you chose pumpkin pie (and honestly, who wouldn’t) then your personality matches the people that made President DeGioia’s Thanksgiving dinner possible. From the university administration to the live jazz ensemble and catering staff, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we want to thank you for this magical night. Just like dessert, you are essential to every meal, and always add the sweetest touch😉.


Happy Holidays Hoyas!