Students sit on Healy Lawn and chat on a sunny day, Healy Hall is in the background
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Title: 99 Things to Look Forward To: Senior Spring Edition

Author: Maggie (COL'18)
Date Published: February 16, 2018

Although it feels as if senior spring just started, the beloved tradition of the 99 Days Club at The Tombs is about to begin. For those of you that don’t know, the 99 Days Club is a senior year endeavor in which Georgetown students attempt to visit a favorite Hoya hangout, The Tombs, every day for the 99 days leading up to graduation, purchase at least one item, and if successful, have their name immortalized on a plaque on the wall. As Tombs puts it on their Facebook page, it is their way “of showing that perfect attendance does matter.” It is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and reminisce on the past few years on the Hilltop, but also to meet new, fascinating people you may otherwise have never gotten to know. As many of us in the senior class begin to (if we haven’t already) feel the nostalgia as we face our impending graduation and journey beyond the Hilltop, and in the spirit of this senior class favorite, it’s only fitting to think about the 99 things to look forward to during the remainder of our time here at Georgetown. Here we go:

    1. The first day that it is truly nice enough to lay out on Healy Lawn
    2. Outdoor classes
    3. One last game cheering on the Hoyas from the student section at the Capital One Arena
    4. Peak cherry blossom season
    5. The National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade
    6. The smell of GUGS grilling in Red Square
    7. The return of the Farmers’ Market
    8. T Sweet’s
    9. Dahlgren fountain turning back on
    10. Taking in the never-gets-old view of Georgetown from the Key Bridge
    11. The return of outdoor IM sports
    12. Professors ignoring instructional continuity when we finally have a snow day
    13. Lau Sings
    14. More chances for free food
    15. Brunch at that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try forever
    16. The next cool speaker to come to campus
    17. Not having to go through the housing selection process
    18. Ms. Frankie’s smile and welcome every time you visit Einstein’s
    19. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day
    20. Tombs Trivia Nights
    21. Sitting outside at the HFSC
    22. Reconnecting and catching up with friends you haven’t seen in a while
    23. More Georgetown memes
    24. Hoping someone steals the Healy clock hands right before finals
    25. Free printing during finals
    26. Wisey’s cookies for every occasion
    27. Taking a walk, run, or bike ride to the Mall without having to put on a bunch of layers
    28. Seeing the tourists on the Mall experiencing the city you’ve been lucky enough to call home
    29. Listen to Georgetown acapella groups during the Cherry Tree Massacre
    30. Warmer weather to enjoy the view from the Village A rooftops
    31. Wingo’s Wednesdays
    32. Happy hour(s), just because
    33. Lounging in a hammock in your favorite spot on campus
    34. Actually getting to sit outside at UG on the Leavey Esplanade
    35. Sunbathing on the Leavey Esplanade
    36. Improv shows
    37. Finding a part of Georgetown’s campus that you haven’t explored yet
    38. Hoping Sweetgreen opens their outdoor patio
    39. Holi festival on Copley Lawn
    40. The Georgetown French Market
    41. Alternative Spring Break trips
    42. Spending time with your friends on spring break
    43. Kayaking or paddleboating on the Potomac
    44. Girl Scouts selling cookies outside of Saxby’s
    45. Actually waking up to go to First Bake
    46. Flowers all around campus
    47. Anticipating the Georgetown hit party song of the spring
    48. Insomnia Cookies opening on O Street
    49. GUGS Guggernaut Week
    50. Oscars watch parties
    51. The Washington Capitals being in contention for the Stanley Cup playoffs
    52. Waiting to hear who is headlining the GPB Spring Concert
    53. Tanktop season
    54. Watching the hype unfold on Facebook during GUSA election season
    55. Seeing if Hot Chick and Chicken Madness are in the running for GUSA again this year
    56. Hoping Dr. Todd Olson will bring back handing out lollipops to students on their way home on weekend nights
    57. Easter Break
    58. Seeing the excitement of accepted students during GAAP Weekend
    59. The return of outdoor sports games on campus
    60. GUASFCU membership discounts
    61. New Stall Seat Journals
    62. NationalsOpening Day
    63. Catching a free show at Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center
    64. White House Spring Garden tours
    65. Not dreading the walk to the gym in a few weeks because it will no longer be an arctic tundra outside
    66. The end of flu season
    67. Sitting outside at Booeymonger’s and Mai Thai
    68. Hearing music coming from the Village A rooftops on the weekend
    69. Watching everyone fly kites on the Mall at the Kite Festival during the Cherry Blossom Festival
    70. Truckeroo starting back up again
    71. Half-price burger Mondays
    72. When it’s warm enough to eat Chick-fil-A outside
    73. Talking about life goals and post-Georgetown plans with a favorite professor
    74. Having a picnic on the Georgetown Waterfront
    75. Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day
    76. Passport DC at the embassies
    77. The Anacostia River Festival
    78. Trips to shop outside at Eastern Market
    79. Tuesday morning Pop-Tarts and coffee from the Office of Neighborhood Life
    80. Not having to go to Lau quite as much as you used to
    81. Baked & Wired’s spring cupcake flavors
    82. Tombs Senior Night giveaways
    83. 3 a.m. conversations in Lau
    84. When it isn’t too cold to make the trek to Epi from off campus
    85. Cheering friends on while listening to great music during the Rock N’ Roll Marathon
    86. Joining in on a tour group to remember what it felt like the first time you visited campus
    87. CFT at Leo’s
    88. Celebrating post-graduation-related achievements
    89. Not having to preregister for classes
    90. More dogs running around campus
    91. Realizing how much you’ve learned at Georgetown
    92. Going to your last class as an undergraduate
    93. Finals study breaks & study snacks
    94. Finishing final exams
    95. Celebrating Georgetown Day
    96. Returning to your freshman dorm room during Senior Week
    97. Senior Week
    98. Sunsets over Healy Hall

Watching the sunrise at Lincoln Memorial on the morning of graduation