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Title: 8 Ways to Stay Connected Back Home Without Missing Out

Author: Maggie (SFS’22)
Date Published: September 25, 2018

1. Write Letters

It’s a good way to stay connected to people you love. Even if you’ve already told them about what’s going on in your life through texts and calls, it still feels great to sit down and write a letter to a family member or friend and it feels even better when they send one back.


2. Life Updates

My close group of friends sends videos in our Snapchat group to update the rest of the group on what’s going on at college. Even it it’s something as simple as a quick note on your grocery store trip it’s still nice to hear a familiar voice or know a little more about your friend’s day to day lives.

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3. Google hangouts
If you’re done with all your work and the common room is sad and empty, maybe you can take a little extra time to sit down and talk to your friends from back home. Google hangouts are great because you can talk to multiple people at once and get everyone updated and share some laughs.

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4. Let them know when you’re struggling

Most people have a difficult time adjusting to college, especially in the first couple of weeks. Even if you’re having the time of your life it may still feel odd to be so far away from the people and places you know and love. I can promise that your friends are feeling a similar way. If you let your friends know that you’re struggling you may be able to work through some problems with someone you already know well and trust until you’re able to make those connections with your new friends.

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5. Quick phone calls

I love when my family and friends call me just to say hi. If I’m sitting at breakfast or on the way to class it’s so nice to get to talk to someone I miss even if it’s just for a minute.

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6. Tell your loved ones about your new friends, classes, and experiences

Your loved ones are dying to know all about your super awesome college life. When you’re talking to your parents about your new friends maybe put a name to the face, bring your FaceTime into the common room and have your floormates say hi. Let them know how classes are going and tell them all about the exciting things happening on campus.

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7. Make plans for breaks that you can look forward to

If you’re like me, you’re over a thousand miles away from home so it’s incredibly difficult to see your friends and family over a weekend as some students are able to do. So, you’re left to the big breaks like winter break and spring break. Maybe for freshman year make a plan with some old friends for spring break so you have something to look forward to. Plan times to see people you already know that may live near where you’re going to school or go to school close to you.


8. Hang up some pictures in your dorm

You do not have to be as excessive as me, but a couple of pictures of family, friends, and pets can sure help bring back some happy memories if you’re stressed out and feeling a little disconnected.


Overall, my biggest tip is that when you’re feeling homesick don’t isolate yourself from people. Head out to the common room or the student center to do your homework or be around your new friends.