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Title: 6 Emotions Every College Freshman Feels During The First Week

Date Published: September 20, 2018

1. Excited

How many times have you heard a random person tell you that college will be the best time of your life? Way too many I’m sure. Everyone is excited to see what this seemingly mystical utopia has in store for them, and to obviously meet the people who will go on to become their new best friends who give toasts at their weddings.

2. Nervous

Don’t know what to pack or if all the clothes you’re taking will fit in your dorm? Don’t worry because no one does. Also it’s hella nerve wracking knowing you’re going to have to meet 1,619 other people. That’s a lot of socializing so don’t worry if you have nothing to talk about because someone else definitely does.

3. Confused

Having all these acronyms thrown at you can feel so confusing. Don’t worry though, no one else knows what they mean either, so if you say Healey Family Student Center instead of the HFSC or if you call Lau the Lauinger library don’t worry, people will understand you (hopefully.)

4. Sadness

That moment after convocation where you realize it’s you on your own and your mom won’t be there to call and make your appointments on your behalf is a very sad moment. Saying goodbye to friends and family is always tough but don’t worry, they’re all only just a phone call away in today’s world.

5. Overwhelmed

Pluralism in action can definitely make the rest of us feel like we don’t belong in a place with people who have achieved so much. Simply socializing with such a wide array of people who are so different from the kids who you went to high school with can be so overwhelming. But don’t listen to the voices in your head, you were admitted here because you bring something extraordinary to the table, you just have yet to discover it.

6. A Sense of Belonging

But alas that time will come in that one moment where the stars align and you feel like everything is or will be alright and that’s when you know that having Georgetown as your home for the next four years will be amazing. Hoya Saxa!