Students are pictured studying in the Leavey Center at different tables.
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Title: 5 Ways to Survive Midterm Season

Author: Anna (NHS'18)
Date Published: October 19, 2016

Pumpkin patches, crisp weather, leaves changing, but don’t forget the exams. October may be one of the most beautiful months on the Hilltop, but sadly it is also prime time for midterms as well. Remembering to maintain self-care (and our sanity) is really the only way to get through a week with 2-3 exams or papers. Here are a few of my favorite ways to do just that.


There are so many ways to enjoy the ~outdoors~ right here in the city. Don’t let those crowded streets and traffic fool you! Take a hike through Glover-Archibold park or just stroll along the Georgetown Waterfront. Take advantage of this glorious, fall weather.

2. Take a breather

Georgetown has a Meditation Center right here on campus. There is no better way to escape midterms, than to just escape your brain. Silent and guided meditations are offered throughout the week.

3. Get off campus!

Schedule a big break in your day, and take advantage of not just being outside but also what DC has to offer. Take a run to the Monuments and the National Mall. Grab the Metro to Gravelly Point, right next to Reagan National Airport to watch the planes land. Kayak on the Potomac river (while it’s still nice out!). The options are endless.

4. Give yourself a break

Did you know that you are at your most effective when you study in hour increments with short breaks between? That could be a quick chat with your friend, or a more preferable 30 minute nap or lunch break. No matter how you chose to do it, take a break from the studying. It’ll be there when you come back.

5. And if all else fails and you REALLY need to study, forge your own path

Try studying somewhere new and exciting (ooooh aaah). Maybe Dahlgren Quad if it’s nice out, or even try the Library of Congress. Just moving locations can drastically affect your mood and study productivity. And maybe make this whole midterm thing just a little bit easier :).