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Title: 3 Resources All International Students at Georgetown Should Know

Aside from tackling all the misconceptions of what it means to be an international student here at Georgetown, being from outside the United States, moving here and getting familiar with the place you will call home for at least the next four years is a challenge of its own. Due to the independent status of different entities on campus it can be hard getting to know all available resources for simply being international. However, there are 3 that everyone should be aware of.

International Student Specialist – CAPS

No matter what it be – culture shock, homesickness or general mental health advising, Georgetown’s counseling and psychiatric services have an international student specialist who is there specifically to deal with issues that pertain to international students. I’ve gotten to know the current specialist, and I’ve found them to be an amazing resource.

Georgetown University International Student Association (ISA)

The Georgetown University International Student Association (ISA) is a group on campus that strives to provide the international community a true home away from home (no matter how many thousands of miles that is) and provide them with the resources they need to be the successful Global Hoyas of tomorrow. They put on events ranging from midterm study breaks to international student town halls to Georgetown’s Global Expo in the spring. Email​ to be added to their listserv to know all about their upcoming events or just to reach out to one of them to make a new friend!

Cawley Career Center

The Cawley Career Center has designated specialists for international students to help them be successful in finding jobs both within and outside the United States during the school year and also after graduation. They are equipped with knowledge about the most up to date immigration laws and will work out personalized job plans for your future with regards to your specific academic and career interests. It wouldn’t hurt to pop by general advising hours (everyday 1-3pm) just to meet with one of them to discuss your future goals and aspirations.

Not being native to the US can seem to be its own struggle at times, but remember the immense amount of diversity and color you bring to this campus from your experiences, cultures and flags. Being from outside the US can be challenging at times here on the hilltop, but remember the plethora of resources and people that are here just to ensure your success. Utilize them, and prepare to show the world what your cultural upbringing has allowed you bring to the table.

Hoya Saxa,
Ahmed MSB’22
Islamabad, Pakistan