Primary Colors Anchor

Primary Colors

The university has two official colors, Georgetown Blue and Gray.


Georgetown primary blue

Georgetown Blue
Pantone 282
C:100 M:68 Y:0 K:54
R:4 G:30 B:66
Hex: #041E42


Georgetown primary gray

Georgetown Gray
Cool Gray 10
C:62 M:53 Y:47 K:19
R:99 G:102 B:106
Hex: #63666A

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Secondary Colors Anchor

Secondary Colors

The secondary colors broaden the palette of approved blues and grays. These colors may be used to provide variety and visual interest without leaving the recognized palette. Secondary colors should be used in less than 50 percent of the whole palette for one piece.


Georgetown secondary blue 280

Pantone 280
C:100 M:85 Y:5 K:22
R:1 G:33 B:105
Hex: #012169


Georgetown secondary blue 293

Pantone 293
C:100 M:69 Y:0 K:4
R:0 G:61 B:165
Hex: #003DA5


Georgetown secondary gray cool gray 4

Cool Gray 4
C:12 M:8 Y:9 K:23
R:187 G:188 B:188


Georgetown secondary putty 7527

Pantone 7527
C:3 M:4 Y:14 K:8
R:214 G:210 B:196
Hex: #D6D2C4


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Tertiary Colors Anchor

Tertiary Colors

The tertiary colors are complementary to our official colors, but are not recognizable identifiers for Georgetown University. Tertiary colors should be used sparingly, that is, in less than 10 percent of the palette in one piece.


Georgetown tertiary blue 306

Pantone 306
C:75 M:0 Y:5 K:0
R:0 G:181 B:226
Hex: #00B5E2


Georgetown tertiary red 202

Pantone 202
C:9 M:100 Y:64 K:48
R:134 G:38 B:51
Hex: #862633 


Georgetown tertiary green 369

Pantone 369
C:67 M:12 Y:100 K:3
R:95 G:163 B:67
Hex: #5FA343


Georgetown secondary light red

Pantone 199
C:0 M:100 Y:72 K:0
R:213 G:0 B:50
Hex: #D50032


Georgetown secondary yellow 1205

Pantone 1205
C:0 M:3 Y:43 K:0
R:248 G:224 B:142
Hex: #F8E08E 


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Tints Anchor


To diversify the color palette, tints of colors may be used to complement primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Tint colors should never be used in place of the primary colors, only as highlight colors.


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Color Accessibility Anchor

Color Accessibility

Georgetown University is committed to accessible design. Adherence to the AA level of the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) ensures all text with a size less than 18 points (or less than 14 points if bolded) has a contrast ratio of 4.5 to 1 with the text background. This applies to both print and digital design.


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