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Rev. Matthew Carnes, S.J. talking to classroom of students


Engaging students in authentic inquiry is the hallmark of science education at Georgetown. More than a dozen science majors and minors provide multiple pathways to prepare students for careers in research, industry and medicine, as well as associated careers in areas such as policy, teaching, journalism and law.

Our rigorous preparation includes biology, chemistry and physics at the undergraduate and graduate levels that focus on developing knowledge through hands-on learning in the lab and the field. This moves students from merely studying science to becoming young scientists.

Georgetown supports an interdisciplinary environment that provides ample opportunity for students and faculty to engage in collaborative research.

Faculty members conduct groundbreaking research and also promote understanding the role of science in society through courses that engage students in teaching biology in K-12 settings or developing lobbying strategies for politically hot topics. Well-grounded study within a global contextual framework reflects our exceptional science education in the liberal arts tradition.

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