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Rev. Matthew Carnes, S.J. talking to classroom of students

Regional and Ethnic Studies

We believe intense study of a region’s languages and cultures makes it possible to gain expertise that is invaluable in a globalized world. Our students become informed world citizens who are able to see crucial differences and similarities within and between regions. They develop the insight, knowledge and skills needed to interpret the political, economic, social and cultural actions and policies in specific regions, preparing them to deal effectively with far-reaching challenges of the contemporary world.

We offer regional and comparative studies in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Western Europe, the region comprising Russia, Eurasia and Eastern Europe, the United States and the region comprising Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. Drawing from the disciplines of anthropology, economics, government, history, international affairs, linguistics, sociology and theology, students receive training in methods and theories to build a comprehensive understanding of a chosen theme within regions.

We take an integrated approach to ethnic studies, immersing students in the language, culture and history of different ethnicities. Students benefit from our diverse array of courses that prepare them for unique opportunities to study abroad, often through immersion in various parts of the world. Such education is rounded out with courses in regional studies, business, economics, government and psychology, and our diverse faculty and student body further support the development of cultural understanding on campus.

Besides the formal degree and certificate programs listed below, Georgetown also a number of courses on regions and peoples around the world. Browse the course catalog to learn more about these classes.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

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