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Rev. Matthew Carnes, S.J. talking to classroom of students

Philosophy, Ethics, and Theology

In keeping with its Jesuit tradition, Georgetown has a strong commitment to interreligious dialog. While we are especially strong in and teaching and researching Catholic theology, we also support a broad range of approaches to the study of all religions, including their social, scientific, historical and literary aspects.

One of our most popular courses on campus is “The Problem of God,” which examines the religious dimension of human experience and consciousness in relation to a number of problems and challenges, including the relation of faith and reason and the historical, social and existential determinants of belief.

Our philosophers comprise a vibrant community full of intellectual energy and cover a broad range of philosophical and ethical traditions. With the world's most comprehensive bioethics library and faculty experts on issues such as health care reform, death and dying, clinical research ethics and environmental ethics, Georgetown is a renowned resource in the policy world and the global bioethics community. In all our discussions, we are committed to providing a climate of intellectual openness and lively discourse that reflects our respect for others.

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