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View of stained glass with the Georgetown University seal

Georgetown Welcomes New Students During Spring Semester Ceremony

January 8, 2019 – Georgetown welcomed 60 new students – first-years and transfers – during its first spring semester New Student Welcome Ceremony Jan. 7.

“Each of you belong here,” Georgetown Provost Robert Groves told the audience of new students, families, faculty and staff. “We hope that, by virtue of your participation in this community, you will grow in knowledge but also be enabled to explore – at ever deeper levels – your beliefs and values.”

Robert Groves speaks from the stage as he audience looks on and a Georgetown banner appears in the foreground.Transfer students among the new class came from 49 other institutions of higher learning as a result of the university’s commitment to attracting and supporting students who begin their college pursuits elsewhere.

Georgetown has long been committed to expanding access and affordability for first-generation, low- and moderate-income students.

The university demonstrates its commitment through programs such as the Georgetown Scholarship Program (GSP), Community Scholars Program (CSP) and its involvement as a founding member of the American Talent Initiative (ATI).

The new class of students:

  • Consists of 50 percent women and 50 percent men
  • Came from 18 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico; largest U.S. contingency from California
  • Came from eight countries – China, Colombia, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain and Taiwan
  • Identifies with 12 different religions.

Amanda Scott speaks to the audience through a microphone in front of a blue backdrop.Amanda Scott (C’19), a government major from Mobile, Alabama, shared parts of her Georgetown experience with the audience of new students, families, faculty and staff.

“As a transfer student myself, it is a privilege to be able to welcome you all to Georgetown,” said Scott, who also is a GSP student. “I sat where you’re sitting just three years ago.”

She recalled being filled with both excitement and apprehension when she came to Georgetown.

“I often wanted to retreat back into my small community college in Alabama where it was comfortable, warm, and people had Southern accents,” said the senior who was awarded a Truman Scholarship last year that she will use toward graduate school. “But I knew I had to take the risk and come to Georgetown if I wanted to pursue my dreams of public service.”