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Crowds of students gather in front of White Gravenor in between classes.

Requests for Jack

Visiting Jack

Jack is walked on main campus several times during the day and attends campus events each week. For more information about getting together with Jack, please email the head of the Jack Crew.

Walking Jack

The Jack Crew is responsible for walking Jack during the day and evening and for escorting him to various events on campus. Students are asked to become members of the Jack Crew before walking Jack.

Each crew member has a weekly assigned slot for walking Jack. This allows Jack to get to know particular students (and vice-versa) and helps make his time with them more enjoyable (and less stressful).

To become a member, students should have attended Georgetown for at least a semester, have experience with animals and should be able to show evidence of school spirit (e.g., by being a member of Hoya Blue, participating in New Student Orientation, etc.). Students will also be asked to learn basic information about Jack (e.g., bulldog idiosyncrasies) and show that they are comfortable with handling dogs. 

     » Apply online to become a member of the Jack Crew

Appearances at Campus Events and Social Functions

It is hoped that Jack can appear at as many university functions as possible. University-sponsored activities (e.g., the Fountain Blessing and Georgetown Day) and athletic events have a priority.

Other gatherings (e.g., meetings of student groups) will be considered depending on the nature and location of the event and whether a member of the Jack Crew is available to bring Jack to it. Like all bulldogs, Jack is not able to walk far, and thus can typically attend only those events held on campus.

     » Request the appearance of Jack at your event

For more information on any of the information above, please contact the head of the Jack Crew.