Category: Messages to the Community

Title: Update on University Resumption of Research

Date Published: July 2, 2020

Dear Members of the Georgetown Community,

We write to bring you up to date on the university’s plans to resume research. We appreciate your patience as our public health and operations teams put in place the conditions to allow us to do so safely.

The university has submitted its plan to restart on-campus research activities to the DC Government and is aiming to resume research activities, albeit at a reduced level of intensity, no sooner than Thursday, July 16.

However, our ability to adhere to this timeline will be contingent upon the government of the District of Columbia agreeing to accept our plan, and under the assumption that there will be no significant spikes in the prevalence of COVID-19 in our region, among other factors.

We will convene a Town Hall soon in order to answer questions, take feedback and to share details of how we will return to campus, including information on health and safety protocols, which may include testing, screening, monitoring, contact tracing, etc. The individuals who deliver those services will be working at the front line, keeping the campus community safe as it returns to life. We implore you to recognize the challenging conditions under which they will be working and to support them, as they support us.

Finally, we remind you that in order to resume your on-site research activities, you must have an approved plan. Many of you have already completed this process (thank you), but if you wish to resume your research activities and have not yet done so, please submit your plan via GMS in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the document “Restarting Research Activities at Georgetown: a phased approach.” Without an approved plan, you and your research team will not be permitted to access campus facilities.

Wishing you a happy Fourth of July and an imminent and successful return to research.


Moshe Levi
Dean for Research, GUMC

Lou Weiner
Director, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center

Billy Jack
Vice Provost for Research, Main Campus