Category: Georgetown Faces

Title: U.S Air Force Maj. Briana Thompson (G’18)

Our proximity to policymakers and other advocacy groups makes it easier for military-connected students at Georgetown to make their voices heard.

Brilliant thought leaders in the veteran and higher education space at Georgetown inspired me to participate in advocacy for student veterans and to engage with the administration. My activity in the Georgetown University Student Veteran Association (GUSVA) allowed me to do this while also connecting with my fellow veterans on the different campuses.

I served as GUSVA vice president and am grateful for the lasting friendships I’ve made from that experience. My fellow student veterans and the Veterans Office offered great support and guidance that continues to be really wonderful for me.

The community at Georgetown was both a challenging and safe space to learn, practice critical analysis skills, develop presentation and communication abilities and to explore what kind of impact I might want to make after graduation.

I have fond memories of the undergraduate GU Politics team that I worked with while studying for my master’s in the McCourt School. One of them joined Army ROTC on campus the year after we became acquainted, and we still meet up for coffee and chat about life.