A blue sky hangs over the Georgetown waterfront.
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Title: Things I Wish I Knew Before Attending Georgetown

Author: Trinity C.
Date Published: March 3, 2020

Upon being accepted to Georgetown, the school and various organizations on campus did a fantastic job of informing incoming students of resources on campus, how to plan our class schedules, and things of the like. But there is no greater experience than being a student at Georgetown yourself. As a freshman who’s currently in my second semester, there are things I learned last semester that I wish I would have known before coming to Georgetown.

There is an Abundance of Things to Do in the City

Having not grown up in a city like D.C, being here for the next four years is such an amazing opportunity. Being walking distance away from the National Mall, the various Smithsonian museums, as well as M street, there is such much that is easily accessible to students. Exploring the city and getting outside the Georgetown bubble should be a priority to students.

Georgetown Does Not Have a Metro Stop

As I previously mentioned, I did not grow up in a city, so the concept of the metro was completely foreign to me before attending school here. Georgetown does not have its own metro stop which means students have to get a little off-campus to use the metro. Whenever I do need to get somewhere by metro, I choose the closest station to campus which is the Rosslyn Station. Georgetown also has free buses (GUTS) to take students to and from various locations, one of the stops being near the Rosslyn Station.

Talk to the Upperclassmen

As a freshman, the upperclassmen can seem intimidating but as my time here at Georgetown has gone on, I came to realize that they are the opposite. The sophomores, juniors, and seniors were once in my shoes and they come from a place of understanding. Don’t be afraid to speak to them in your classes or say hello when you pass one another. They want to help you and are glad to share their vast knowledge about the school, professors, and give you advice about academics and just college life in general. They are a great resource.

There are Other Places to Study Than LAU

Before coming to college, I always thought that the library would be my chosen sanctuary of study—but oh boy, was I wrong. The library is great, but I am one to want to study and do work in non-traditional study spaces. On weekends, I like to opt for one of the empty classrooms in Healey Hall or one of the tables in the Leavey Center near Royal Jacket and Starbucks. I believe everyone goes on a journey to find their favorite study spots, so explore away! 

There Are Many Clubs at Georgetown—Don’t Try to Join Them All

I was ecstatic to hear all about the variety of clubs Georgetown has to offer to students at the annual CAB Fair at the beginning of freshman year. I didn’t know what I wanted to join, so I blindly put my email down on a good amount of clubs’ email lists. After receiving an influx of emails, I realized that I wasn’t even interested in most of the clubs I signed up for. Take time to figure out what you like and what you’re interested in. Let that curiosity guide you. You might end up joining something you never thought you would.