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Title: Starting A New Year as a Transfer Student at Georgetown

Author: Jacob (MSB’21)
Date Published: September 24, 2018

Transferring colleges is hard. Deciding to apply, writing applications, and waiting for results is difficult. While taxing, you’d be surprised to find out that this is the easy part of the process. Following through on the process is what makes transferring schools so hard.

Many transfer students find themselves choosing between mind over heart or heart over mind. Once deciding to matriculate elsewhere, transfer students might find that their credits don’t move over seamlessly. Others find that they arrive at their new school without any sense of community.

At Georgetown, transfer students comprise nearly 10% of the student body – a huge proportion compared to our peer institutions. GU transfer students benefit from having a dedicated advocacy board (the GU Transfer Council), a dedicated Living Learning Community, reserved events like Transfer Escape or Transfer NSO, and an incredibly welcoming university community that is willing to help these new students fit right in.

It has been a month since my journey on the Hilltop began and these are some of my prevalent emotions.


After months of waiting I finally arrived. I couldn’t believe it. Being a Georgetown student is an experience that includes having access to limitless cultural, social, and professional opportunities in one of the world’s most exciting and dynamic cities. Students who went here have changed the world and students who go here will change the world. Wow.

Being Overwhelmed

Transfer NSO was a blast. It was fascinating to meet dozens of new transfer students from all sorts of places and all walks of life. Regardless of our paths to the Hilltop, we all related in not starting at GU as freshman. One week later, this excitement seemingly evaporated. Georgetown goes hard when it starts the fall semester. It seemed like everyone was applying for thirty clubs, forty internships, and fifty jobs.


At various points during my first couple weeks on the Hilltop, I had plenty of second thoughts. Have I made the right decision coming here? Should I have stayed at my old school? Can I go back to my old school? I had it so good last year, what was I thinking? Will I have friends here? Can I succeed here?

Having The Epiphany

As time went on things are slowly starting to come together. My routine is starting to form. I’m making friends. I have a reason for being here. I know I belong here.

Careful Optimism

As my first month on the Hilltop comes to a close, I am feeling better and better about what the future has in store. Georgetown is academically, socially, and physically challenging (those hills though). Regardless, there is ALWAYS something to look forward to. From the famous speakers that frequent Gaston Hall to the countless number of events happening elsewhere in Washington, Georgetown is a happening place.

Even at Georgetown, transferring is far from a seamless process. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, the grass is greener where you choose to water it. That being said, Georgetown can be quite the fertile garden.