Jack the Bulldog stands in front of Healy Hall.
Category: Student Blog

Title: Dog Spotting in DC

Author: Maggie (SFS'22)
Date Published: May 28, 2019

Living in Washington, DC has its perks. There are plenty of museums to visit, and monuments to see, but one aspect to DC’s sightseeing that is largely underrated is all the dog spotting you can do! DC is a very dog-friendly city and there are plenty of fun spots in the city to meet some distinguished pups.

Lincoln Park

Located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, Lincoln Park is home to some great doggos. Sadly, this park is about five miles away from the Hilltop. But, if you’re one of the many Georgetown students who takes the opportunity to intern on the Hill, I’d suggest taking the mile long walk to meet all the good dogs.

Book Hill Park

This beautiful park is only 3⁄4 of a mile away from our front gates. Book Hill Park is home to some gorgeous blossoming trees and a great hill to roll down but more importantly, dogs. Many who live in the neighborhood will stop at Book Hill Park while they’re walking their dogs which is great for everyone involved.

The Tidal Basin

This lovable boy is one of many dogs who join their owners at the Tidal Basin. This good boy woke up at 5am to join his owner for a sunrise over the cherry blossoms. 10/10 would recommend heading to the Tidal Basin for sunrise/sunset, cherry blossoms, and dogs

Red Square

Located smack in the middle of campus, Red Square hosts student clubs, the Farmers Market, and so many, and I cannot stress this enough, so many dogs. Georgetown’s campus is a great place to go for a walk that residents of the neighborhood and students take advantage of. Pretty much everyone who walks their dogs through campus is entirely prepared for the fact that 70% of the students they pass will ask to pet said dog. Some will even sit down on a bench and leave their dog open for petting. It’s always a mood booster to see the pups enjoying their day on campus.

Capitol One Arena

Inside Capitol One you’ll only see one dog (or two if we’re playing Butler) but it’s the best dog. Jack the Bulldog loves applause and we love applauding him. If you’re in need of a JTB and Hoya Basketball fix, Capitol One from November-February is the place for you.