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Title: Common Misconceptions about Georgetown

Author: Abby D.
Date Published: December 2, 2019
For any prospective student, the college process can be an endless hole of research, applications, and stress. Before getting to the Hilltop, you may be sifting through a sea of information from campus tour guides, the internet, alumni, or current students. While everyone’s experience is unique, I quickly realized there are a couple misconceptions about life at Georgetown that could be debunked. Hopefully, this can help you manage your expectations when applying to be a Hoya.

Misconception #1: The food is inedible.

One of the most notorious facets of the Georgetown campus is the reputation for bad food. Many students will only talk about the worst and ugliest of the food scene. However, it’s important to consider with any mass produced food, it will not always be perfect. Recently, Georgetown upgraded their food options, with a renovation of the dining hall and many Corp locations. Offering everything from Greek and Peruvian food to bagels, salads, and smoothies, students can find a diverse range of options both on and off campus. Plus, in the Georgetown area, there is absolutely everything I could’ve ever dreamed of.

Misconception #2: Darnall is one of the worst college dorms in America.

Due to its isolated location and small dorm size, many refer to Darnall Hall as the black sheep of residence halls. However, the students in Darnall easily have the tightest-knit community, where many formulate their college friendships. The smallest number of dorms per floor and centered common rooms give residents the opportunity to get to know their peers and find a piece of home on the hilltop.

Misconception #3: Competitive club culture dominates.

While joining and participating in clubs does constitute the social scene, many students boast their acceptance into Georgetown’s “elite” clubs. There are definitely clubs that are difficult for students to get involved in, with acceptance rates lower than the actual university. However, this doesn’t account for all of the club culture. Many organizations are eager to welcome students who share a common interest. Every Fall, the University hosts CAB Fair, which is another opportunity for students to sign up for organizations with no applications. If students are passionate and motivated, they will surely find their place on campus and a club they can stick with throughout the next four years.

Misconception #4:  There’s a Georgetown bubble.

Located in a neighborhood in D.C., Georgetown definitely is set aside from the rest of the city. However, I haven’t found it difficult to get off campus and explore in any way. From scootering around the monuments to riding the Georgetown Circulator Bus to taking the GUTS bus to Dupont Circle, Georgetown really does make engaging with the city a daily possibility. What it takes is a genuine desire to adventure off the campus and go find a piece of D.C. that you love.
What I’ve learned throughout the process is the importance of taking everyone’s advice and experiences with a grain of salt. Ultimately, Georgetown is what you make of it, as that goes for any school any where. Misconceptions and stories shouldn’t change the way the university is thought of as a whole!