The Washington Monument towers over the National Mall.
Category: Student Blog

Title: A Bucket List for a First-Year Hoya in DC

Author: Abby D.
Date Published: November 21, 2019

In the world of Washington D.C., there is infinite opportunities and adventures. Before I graduate, I want to be able to explore and experience the many facets of the city, learn more about the nation, and more about myself. This is a short list (that will hopefully expand) of the many ways I’ll carve out my slice of Washington.

  1. Go to a Supreme Court Hearing

  2. Attend a presidential inauguration

  3. Trick or treat on Embassy Row

  4. Find the best coffee and ice cream shops

  5. Buy someone flowers from Union Market

  6. March on the National Mall for something you’re passionate about

  7. Explore the underground tunnels below Dupont Circle

  8. Eat crepes and walking along the water basin during the Cherry Blossom Festival

  9. Watch a Congressional hearing

  10. Hear poetry at Busboys and Poets

  11. Visit the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery in the Newseum

  12. Go to a concert at The Anthem

  13. Kayak along the Potomac

  14. Attend a meeting on Capitol Hill

  15. Take a Segway tour

  16. See a show at the Kennedy Center

  17. Watch the sunset from the top of the Washington Monument

  18. Go to the American Film Institute’s International Film festival

  19. Dress up in costumes and give candy to children at the hospital on Halloween

  20. Walk around Old Town Alexandria

  21. Ice skate at the National Art Gallery

  22. Feel festive during the holidays at the Downtown Holiday Market

  23. Run through Rock Creek Park and hike through Great Falls

  24. Taste test at Eastern Market

  25. Talk to artists at the Torpedo Factory Art Center

Coming from the country, trading stars for (low) skylines has been an amazing experience. While these are only 25 ideas, there are so many other chances here that are once in a lifetime. As a college student, taking advantage of them is the most exciting and advantageous piece of studying in the nation’s capital.