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Georgetown University Statement on Track Program

July 17, 2015

The University is currently conducting two separate investigations regarding its track program.  

In late April, the University received reports of misconduct involving its men’s track team. The University immediately initiated an investigation into those reports and the climate on the team. That investigation is ongoing and has included dozens of interviews with coaches, current and former members of the track program and others with knowledge of the climate around the track program. Although not every student-athlete engaged in misconduct, the reported behavior is deeply concerning, inconsistent with the values of the University, and does not meet the expectations Georgetown has set for members of its community and for its student-athletes.

Upon receiving the reports, the University immediately met with members of the men’s track program to make clear that any such behavior must stop immediately and will not be tolerated. In addition, the University promptly took the following actions:

  • Reviewed with the team the University’s policies prohibiting harassment, hazing, offensive and disrespectful behavior, and the University’s prohibition on retaliation against any individual who files a complaint, reports inappropriate activity or participates in the University’s investigations.

  • Initiated interim measures to provide enhanced oversight of the team, including closing the locker room for use by members of the men’s track team and increasing the number of administrators attending official team events.

  • Met with coaches and team members to reiterate the University's expectation that everyone is responsible for creating a culture where all members of our community feel respected and safe, to inform them of options for filing complaints against individuals, and to remind them of their rights and obligations under school policies and the availability of resources if they need assistance.

The University will complete its investigation in the coming weeks and will address any misconduct consistent with University policies.

This investigation was separate from a review regarding allegations of racial bias within the track program being conducted by the Georgetown University Office of Institutional Diversity Equity and Affirmative Action (IDEAA), which began in late March following a report of racial bias. IDEAA has conducted dozens of interviews with current coaches and student athletes affiliated with the track program in 2014-2015, alumni of the track program, some former coaches, and athletics administrators. The University takes seriously any reports of actions inconsistent with the values of integrity and respect and expects the highest standards of behavior and professionalism from all members of the University community. IDEAA will conclude that review in the coming weeks and the University will take appropriate action and make recommendations consistent with the findings of the investigation.

Georgetown University believes that everyone has a responsibility for creating a culture where all members of its community feel safe and respected. That expectation has been communicated to and reiterated to members of the University community on many occasions. The University appreciates the cooperation of the student-athletes, coaches and others as work is being done to conduct thorough, fair, and careful investigations into these serious matters.


Georgetown University Office of Communications