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Statement Attributable to Georgetown University Spokesperson Meghan Dubyak

May 15, 2019

“We cannot comment on pending litigation.

“In 2017, Georgetown’s Admissions Office discovered irregularities in the athletic credentials of two students who were being recruited to play tennis. Neither student was admitted. Georgetown immediately put former coach Gordon Ernst on leave, initiated an internal investigation, established a new policy concerning the recruitment of student athletes, implemented audits to check whether recruited student athletes are on team rosters, and asked Mr. Ernst to resign. During the investigation at this time, we relied on available information and focused on actions taken by the coach that violated University policies.  

“The University was not aware of any alleged criminal activity or acceptance of bribes by Mr. Ernst until it was later contacted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The indictments filed by the U.S. Attorney this year named Georgetown and six other institutions as victims of fraud. The indictments included allegations that Mr. Ernst and several parents of Georgetown students were among many participants in a scheme that included the falsification of applications for admission and included evidence of student involvement.  

“Following the March 2019 indictments, Georgetown University began conducting a process of thoroughly reviewing the newly available information related to the alleged scheme, contacting current students who may have been involved, and giving each individual student an opportunity to respond. Applicants to Georgetown affirm that the information and statements contained in their applications are true, correct and complete. Knowingly misrepresenting or falsifying credentials in an application can be cause for rescinding the admission of the student and dismissal from Georgetown.

“Today, we informed two students of our intent to rescind their admission and dismiss them from Georgetown. Each student case was addressed individually and each student was given multiple opportunities to respond and provide information to the University.”

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