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View of stained glass with the Georgetown University seal

Georgetown Students Honored for their Community Service

April 16, 2012 – A total of 20 students were honored with 2012 Lena Landegger Community Service awards this past Saturday at a dinner and ceremony in Georgetown’s historic Riggs Library.

Riggs, one of the few remaining cast iron libraries in the country, is now used mainly as a reception space.

The Landegger family established the awards to honor the memory of Lena Landegger. George Landegger (SFS’58) handed out the awards named for his mother.

All of the students were involved in many community service efforts in addition to their academic work.

Deeply Held Values

One of the students, Breanna Donald (NHS’12), is a “College Buddy” to a 36-year-old woman with intellectual disabilities. Donald helped organize the university’s American Cancer Society fundraiser and recruited students to create an urban garden, among many other efforts.

“Your service honors one of the most deeply held values of Jesuit education – you take seriously the Ignatian belief that in order to be fully human, we must give generously of ourselves to the least among us,” said Jeanne Lord, associate vice president of student affairs and chair of the Landegger awards committee. “As always, we are grateful to the Landegger family for their generosity and dedication to the university in making these awards a reality.”


Speakers at the event also included Rev. Kevin O’Brien, S.J. (C’88).

“In Jesuit education, service is not just about helping, but about learning,” said O’Brien, who is also vice president for the university’s mission and ministry office. “As we help someone in need, we hopefully learn from them in a way that builds friendship. In Catholic social teaching, we call this solidarity – the recognition that we are all children of God, that we all have needs and that we all have something to give and to learn from one another.”

The following students received 2012 Landegger Service Awards:

  • Robert Barthelmes (C'12)
  • Deven Comen (C'12)
  • Breanna Donald (NHS’12)
  • Joanna Foote (SFS’13)
  • Stephanie Frenel (SFS'12)
  • Alejandro Gonzalez (SFS'12)
  • Colby Howard (SFS'12)
  • Nhaca Le (SFS'12)
  • Michael Meaney (SFS'12)
  • Alberto Morales (NHS'12)
  • Theon O’Connor (C'12)
  • Jacqueline Ovalle (C'12)
  • Arianna Pattek (SFS’12)
  • Raffoul Saadeh (SFS'12)
  • Luke Schoenfelder(C’12)
  • Jessica Serna (C'12)
  • David Swartz (SFS’12)
  • Anastacia Webb (C'12)
  • Ryan Wilson (C'12)
  • Todchelle Young (C’12)