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Title: Staying Healthy During Your First Semester

Author: Trinity C.
Date Published: November 21, 2019

There is a strange phenomenon that seems to happen to most college freshman as they move away from home to live in a completely new environment with a new set of individuals. It starts with a sneeze, and then a cough, and before you know it, you’re walking around campus with a box of tissues in hand. This is known as the Freshman Plague. It is nothing to worry about when you have the right tools to cope with getting a cold your first semester of college. Here are a few things I did to help deal with the Freshman Plague.

Be Sure to Always Wash your Hands

Germs spread like a wildfire and washing them after using the restroom and frequently can help stop that unwanted spreading. Get some soap, some warm water, and sing Happy Birthday twice. Also make sure to have hand-sanitizer wherever you go just in case. Then you’ll be good to go!

Keep Your Space Clean

I know dorms can get messy sometimes. You’re rushing from class to class, trying to fit in a bite to eat, and meeting up with friends to chill on Copley Lawn or go to an exciting lecture. But at least once a week, you should take out time to do some tidying up in your dorm or tidy up throughout the week. The key thing here is to just keep a clean space. A bonus would be getting disinfecting spray to put on your door handle or frequently touched surfaces.

Get Some Sleep

Contrary to popular belief, not getting enough sleep is not cool (you need all the energy to walk the hills and stairs on campus!) The side-effects of sleep-deprivation can disrupt everyday life. Not getting a proper amount of sleep can cause your immune system to not work to its full potential and subsequently, you will not be able to fight off an oncoming sickness fast enough. Time management is something that most college students need to work on, myself included, but be sure to get to bed at an appropriate hour depending on when you need to wake up.

Drink Some Tea (Or Fluids in General)

Tea is my personal drink of choice. It’s warm, makes me feel cozy, and comes in so many flavors. My favorite kind is lemon-ginger with a spoonful of honey. Lemons are full of vitamin C which is known to help boost the immune system. If you don’t like tea, opt for some plain or fruit-infused water, or a sports drink. Just make sure you are drinking enough throughout the day.

Visit Student Health Services

Here at Georgetown, we have an amazing staff at the Health Center who’s highly qualified to assess patients. Even if you feel your sickness is not serious, you still should pay a nurse a visit just in case.