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Faculty Experts on 2014 Ebola Crisis: National Security

Georgetown faculty can comment on matters national security and other topics.

To arrange interviews with these experts, please contact the Office of Communications.

Faculty experts include:

Rosa Brooks, dressed in an eggplant-colored dress, smiles in a headshot.

Rosa Brooks

Rosa Brooks is a professor at the Georgetown University Law Center, where she teaches courses on international law, national security, constitutional law, and other subjects. She also writes a weekly column for Foreign Policy, and serves as a Schwartz Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation.
Brooks returned in July 2011 from a two year public service leave of absence, during which she served as Counselor to Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Michele Flournoy. During her time at the Defense Department, Brooks also founded the Office for Rule of Law and International Humanitarian Policy, and also led a major overhaul of the Defense Department's strategic communication and information operations efforts. In July 2011, she received the Secretary of Defense Medal for Outstanding Public Service. 


Areas of expertise: national security law

Laura Donohue, dressed in a black blazer and white blouse, smiles in a headshot.

Laura Donohue

Laura Donohue is a Professor of Law at Georgetown Law and the Director of Georgetown's Center on National Security and the Law. She writes on national security and counterterrorist law in the United States and United Kingdom. Her most recent book, The Cost of Counterterrorism: Power, Politics, and Liberty (Cambridge University Press) analyzes the impact of American and British counterterrorist law on life, liberty, property, privacy, and free speech.  She is currently writing on drones, the War Powers Resolution, and emerging technologies.  Her articles focus on biometric identification; state secrets; surveillance, data collection, and analysis; extended detention and interrogation; antiterrorist finance and material support; biological weapons; scientific speech; and the history of quarantine law. 


Areas of expertise: quarantine law, national security law

David Koplow, dressed in a striped tie, smiles in a headshot.

David Koplow

David Koplow specializes in the areas of public international law and national security law.  He joined the Georgetown Law faculty in 1981.  His principal courses have been International Law I (the introductory survey of public international law topics), a seminar in the area of arms control, non-proliferation and terrorism, and the pro-seminar for LLM students in national security law.  In addition, he has directed a clinic, the Center for Applied Legal Studies, in which students provide pro bono representation to refugees who seek asylum in the United States because of persecution in their homelands. 

Areas of expertise: national security law