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Faculty Experts on 2014 Ebola Crisis: Disease Biology

Georgetown faculty can comment on infectious disease modeling, disease epidemiology and evolution. To arrange interviews with these experts, please contact the Office of Communications.

Faculty experts include:

Shweta Bansal

Shweta Bansal

Shweta Bansal, is an assistant professor of biology and a faculty fellow of the Research and Policy in Infectious Disease Dynamics (RAPIDD) Program at the National Institutes for Health's Fogarty International Center. She is a mathematical biologist, and her research brings mathematical models to challenges in infectious disease ecology, epidemiology and evolution. She focuses on the complex links between host population behavior and pathogen ecology, characterized through network models and studies how this interaction shapes population-level infectious disease dynamics and evolutionary potential. Bansal also is keen to use this approach to provide a principled and quantitative method to analyze and inform public and animal health policy, and works on systems ranging from influenza in humans to foot and mouth disease in cattle. In fall 2014, Bansal was featured in a Georgetown-hosted discussion about the Ebola crisis in West Africa and global infectious disease outbreaks around the world. More.

Areas of Expertise: infectious disease modeling, disease epidemiology and evolution