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Students Serve in Prestigious Internships Through Fellowship Program

July 24, 2013 – A group of 10 Georgetown students are participating in a summer fellowship program that provides them with a stipend and complimentary on-campus housing while completing prestigious internships in Washington, D.C.

The Georgetown University Student Association (GUSA) founded the Summer Fellows Program in 2008 to help students with financial aid needs stay on campus in available student housing while completing an unpaid internship.

Social Justice-Oriented

In the last four years, the program has evolved into a joint venture with the Georgetown Scholarship Program (GSP), a program that provides resources and support to all deserving students, regardless of socioeconomic status.

“Everyone basically qualifies on the merit level and the last factor would be need,” explains Morgan Edmonds (F’14), this year’s summer program director “I wanted to select students who would be able to benefit the most from the program.”

She says many of this year’s fellows have internships that are “social justice-oriented.”

Stable Housing

Interns say the opportunity to live on campus while completing work in the nation’s capital is invaluable.

“I immensely appreciate the security of having free, stable housing for the summer,” said Reine Rambert (C’15), a government major and Baker scholar who interns at the nonprofit Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition International.

The program also includes meetings, receptions and networking events with alumni, faculty, staff and other university supporters.

Meeting with Achievers

Ethan Sohn (F’14), an intern at the global security think tank International Institute for Strategic Studies, finds the social events beneficial.

“The dinners regularly hosted by GSP have been inspirational to say the least,” Sohn says. “Nothing could be more helpful than spending time with and asking questions [of] people who have found what they wanted to do in life and have been successful in achieving it.”

Events the summer fellows have attended include kickoff dinners and discussions with alumni on how to make the most of their internships; dinner with Peter Croncota (B’83), director of operations at KIPP Infinity Charter School in New York; a barbecue with Georgetown Associate Vice President for Federal Relations Scott Fleming; and a roundtable with Center for Social Justice (CSJ) Executive Director Andria Wisler.

Besides the social aspects and camaraderie of the program, the summer fellows earn valuable experience in an internship related to their fields of study.

Democracy in Action

“My internship has provided me with the opportunity to see democracy in action,” explained Taylor Griffin (C’14), who interns on Capitol Hill in a congresswoman's office. “How change happens, how negotiations play out, how differently minded people come together and fight for their ideological beliefs in representing the diversity in our country.”

The on-the-job experience combined with social networking opportunities add up to a memorable summer both on and off campus, says Jamil Hamilton (C’15), an intern at the Department of Justice.

“Even though we all have busy schedules and are interested in different things, we still have been able to connect and have a great time with each other,” he says.