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New E-mail System for Faculty, Staff Coming This Summer

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May 21, 2012 – Main Campus and Medical Center faculty and staff will get more e-mail storage and online tools this summer when the Georgetown Google Apps for Education e-mail system replaces GUMail.

“We really tried to listen to members of the university community about their e-mail system needs,” said Beth Ann Bergmark, senior director of academic and information technology service and university information services.

The migration to the new e-mail system will begin the evening of July 9, and faculty and staff may log into the new system on July 10.

Users will have 25 gigabytes of storage, significantly more than the current 250 megabytes available through the GUMail system. There are 1,024 megabytes in every gigabyte.

“Storage space was one concern,” Bergsmark said. “In many ways, I think the new system is a good answer to those needs.”

The Georgetown community will be able to use the same tools available through Google Mail, Bergsmark said.

“This also will put faculty, staff and students on the same e-mail system,” she explained.

The new Georgetown e-mail system also allows faculty and staff to use such tools as the Google Calendar to create, organize and share events with students and peers.

Other tools include Google Talk, which allows instant messaging and phone calls from the computer, and Google Docs, which lets users create and share documents online.

 “We’ll be sending out tips about how to prepare for the migration and tutorials for Georgetown Google Apps for Education as July 9 approaches,” Bergsmark said.

For more information visit Georgetown Google Apps or e-mail help@georgetown.edu.