The photo shows the horizon of the landscape around the Calcagnini Center
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Title: Georgetown’s La Storta Senior Retreat

Author: Grace D.
Date Published: February 24, 2020

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to spend two nights at Georgetown’s Calcagnini Contemplative Center (CCC). As a second semester senior, this weekend retreat situated in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia was exactly what I needed. The idea of my Georgetown experience coming to a close is slowly becoming a reality. In a few short months, I will graduate and leave my friends, professors, teammates and campus. Before the retreat, the thought of departing from Georgetown made me feel sad and anxious. When I heard that the Office of Campus ministry was hosting a retreat specifically for seniors and rooted in Ignatian tradition, I signed up immediately. Throughout the retreat we reflected upon three questions: Where have I been? Where am I now? And where am I going? 

Where Have I Been? 

Through prayer, small group discussions and quiet reflections, I was able to make sense of my time at Georgetown alongside other seniors. Together, we recalled the memorable lessons, perspectives and experiences that we acquired throughout our four years on the Hilltop.

Where Am I Now? 

We then discussed how to make the most out of our remaining time on campus. This may take the form of sacrificing a few hours of studying in order to catch up with a friend, or taking a moment to stop and look at the beautiful Healy Hall en route to class. 

Where Am I Going? 

It was comforting that other seniors expressed a similar stress in regards to maintaining friendships and connections after graduation. We were fortunate to hear two graduates from the Class of 2019 speak at the CCC about navigating life after college. Listening to the perspectives of alumni who were in our position one year ago reassured me that it is possible to maintain those same, strong relationships when transitioning into post-graduate life. I am so thankful to have attended the La Storta Senior Retreat. I felt refreshed, reassured and rejuvenated when I returned back to campus. Bonding with fellow seniors and discussing our Georgetown journey filled me with gratitude. Thank you Georgetown and Campus Ministry for this amazing weekend experience!