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Faculty, Staff Awarded for Years of Service, Donors Recognized

March 21, 2012 – Members of the university community gathered in Gaston Hall March 20 to recognize 39 faculty and staff members for their two decades of service and a group of 14 donors during this year’s Spring Faculty Convocation.

Each year, academic faculty and staff are honored with Vicennial Medals for their 20 years at the university – gold for full-time service and silver for part-time.

“There is no better example of those living our tradition than the Vicennial Medalists we honor today,” President John J. DeGioia told this year’s recipients. “You represent what we strive for as a university community and help us to shape that which we imagine for the future.”

The university also recognized its newest inductees to the 1789 Society of Georgetown benefactors.

“Thanks to these gifts, we are able to create faculty chairs, assure financial aid to deserving students and provide outstanding campus facilities,” said Provost James O’Donnell. “Your vision and leadership provide a beacon for Georgetown’s advancement as one of the finest and most world-renowned institutions of higher education.”

This year’s Vicennial Medals went to:

  • James Angel, associate professor of finance
  • Hope Babcock, professor of law and co-director of the Institute for Public Representation
  • Randall Bass, associate professor and executive director and assistant provost for teaching and learning initiatives
  • James Baraniuk, professor of medicine
  • Katherine Bellows, executive director of the Office of International Programs
  • Marisa Brown, research instructor and project director for D.C. Health Resources Partnership and the Center for Child and Human Development
  • Jeffrey Collmann, professor of microbiology and immunology
  • Anthony Cook, professor of law
  • Diana Donahoe, professor of legal research and writing
  • Carol Dover, associate professor of French
  • Svetlana Grenier, associate professor of Slavic Languages
  • Leena Hilakivi-Clarke, professor of oncology
  • Jennifer Hunt, associate dean of admissions
  • Wayne Hurr, staff psychologist for the Student Health Center
  • Donna Jasinski, associate professor of nursing
  • Bardia Kamrad, professor of operations and information management
  • Mark Lance, professor of philosophy
  • Catherine Langlois, associate professor of business
  • Ronald Leow, professor of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Janet Mann, professor of biology
  • John Marshall, professor and chief of hematology and onocology
  • Susan Mulroney, professor of pharmacology
  • Diana Owen, associate professor of communications, culture and technology
  • Peter Pfeiffer, professor and chair of German
  • Terrence Reynolds, associate professor and chair of theology
  • Mark Rom, associate professor of government and public policy
  • Dean Rosenthal, associate professor of biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology
  • Aviel Roshwald, professor and chair of history
  • Henry Schwarz, professor of English
  • Alexander Sens, Joseph Durkin, S.J., Professor of Classics and department chair
  • Richard Squier, associate professor of computer science
  • Pierre Taminiaux, associate professor of French
  • Robin West, Frederick J. Haas Professor of Law and Philosophy
  • Linda Wetzel, associate professor of philosophy


Silver Vicennial Medals went to the following part-time faculty and staff:

  • Douglas Charnas, adjunct professor of law
  • Warren Dean, adjunct professor of law
  • Marc Rotenberg, adjunct professor of law
  • Samuel Starr, adjunct professor of law
  • Rev. Constantine White, Orthodox Christian chaplain


This year’s 1789 inductees include:

  • Robert E. Fuisz (C’56, M’60) and his wife, Beverly
  • Peter C. Keenoy (B’79) and his wife, Elizabeth
  • Robert Bernard Nolan, Jr. (B’74) and his wife, Elizabeth
  • Aline O'Connor (C’77)
  • Former Ambassador L. Francis Rooney (C’75, L’78) and his wife, Kathleen (F’77).