<p>Visit the <a href="https://www.georgetown.edu/operating-status">operating status page</a> for information on the university's current operating status.</p>
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Inclement Weather Notifications

December 5, 2016

Dear Members of the Georgetown University Community,

As the possibility of winter weather approaches, we are writing today with important information about how the university will communicate changes in operating status due to inclement weather conditions.

During instances of inclement weather, Georgetown University seeks to provide a safe and secure campus for all community members, including emergency employees who provide services during such events.


Notification of changes in the university’s operating status will be sent as alerts by text messaging and email, via HOYAlert. HOYAlert sends messages to Georgetown’s Main Campus, Medical Center, School of Continuing Studies and Law Center locations.

The university’s operating status can be accessed any time by calling the university operating status line at (202) 687-SNOW (7669) or visiting the university operating status page. The Law Center will communicate its status separately. Please rely on these university sources for the operating status. Do not rely on local media for the most up to date information.

Operating Status

During inclement weather the university will operate under one of the following statuses:

  1. Open
  2. Open with liberal leave and instructional continuity
  3. Open with delayed arrival, instructional continuity and liberal leave
  4. Closed with instructional continuity; essential services for campus residents
  5. Closed with instruction suspended; essential services for campus residents
  6. Early departure with instructional continuity; essential services for campus residents

Please visit the university operating status page for further details on each status.

Instructional Continuity

As a reminder, instructional continuity is a policy that allows faculty and students to maintain learning activities and academic work during disruptions such as inclement weather or university closures. Students, please be prepared to participate in the alternate instructional activities planned by faculty members instead of attending face-to-face class when circumstances prevent on-campus instruction. If you have questions about instructional continuity in your classes, please contact your professors. Faculty, if you have questions about your role in instructional continuity, please contact your department head and visit the instructional continuity page for FAQs and more information. Staff and AAP employees who have responsibilities under an instructional continuity plan will be expected to work remotely during a disruption to the normal operating status to support instructional continuity.

Certain employees are designated as “emergency employees” to provide critical services during an emergency event. These employees must report to work as scheduled or directed during emergency situations unless informed otherwise. Emergency employees may find Georgetown University’s Emergency Operating Principles under "Quick Links" on the Human Resources website.

With best wishes,

Tonya Coultas
AVP for Emergency Management