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Provost's Committee for Diversity - 2015 Term

Thank you for your interest in the Provost's Committee for Diversity. Please see below for members of the committee and meeting recaps. 


Alexander Alonso
Bserat Ghebremicael
Chris DeLorenzo
Clara Mejia
Dan Zagar
Mayra Alaniz
Megan Patel
Mia Campbell
Michael Mejia
Pablo Simmonds
Santana Jackson
Sonya Keshwani
Victoria Efetevbia

Meeting Recaps

February 9, 2016 Meeting Recap

December 8, 2015 Meeting Recap

November 17, 2015 Meeting Recap

October 27, 2015 Meeting Recap

October 16, 2015 Meeting Recap

September 8, 2015 Meeting Recap

June 9, 2015 Meeting

May 12, 2015 Meeting

April 14, 2015 Meeting