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Departments, Centers, Programs and Institutes A

  • Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Nurse Specialist Program

    The program prepares advanced practice nurses to become clinical experts who implement holistic care. It provides the academic knowledge and specialized clinical skills necessary for acute care management of patients in complex care practices as an NP. They are also educated to be an interdisciplinary leader in implementing evidence-based best practices to ensure optimal patient outcomes as a CNS. The program emphasizes the roles of clinical expert, practitioner, consultant, educator, researcher, and leader.

    Location: St. Mary's Hall Phone: (202) 687.7258 Visit the: Website
  • African American Studies Program

    Georgetown created the African American Studies Program in 2003. Each semester there are approximately 20 rigorous courses offered, primarily in the history, English and performing arts departments, that satisfy the minor in African Studies.

    Location: New North 320 Phone: (202) 687.3117 Visit the: Website Browse: Courses Meet: Faculty
  • African Studies Program

    Georgetown's Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service established the African Studies Program in 1980. The core strength of the program is political life broadly conceived with the aim of maintaining and expanding its comparative advantage in research and teaching by fostering an understanding of politics and economic development, conflict management and resolution, and issues of governance and institutions. Areas of emphasis are based on a foundation of understanding Africa’s peoples, cultures and languages.

    Location: ICC 305 Phone: (202) 687.5934 Visit the: Website Browse: Courses Meet: Faculty
  • Aging Society, Center on an

    The Center on an Aging Society at Georgetown is a Washington-based, nonpartisan public policy institute that fosters critical thinking about the implications of an aging society. The center studies the impact of demographic changes on public and private institutions and families of all ages.

    Phone: (202) 687.0880 Visit the: Website Browse: Papers and Projects Meet: Staff
  • The Americas Initiative

    Americas Initiative aims to prepare faculty and students for lives of innovative leadership, effective citizenship, and commitment to justice in the coming years. Located in the capital of the United States and heirs to the Jesuits’ long engagements with peoples of the hemisphere, we seek innovative approaches to scholarship and teaching focused on the nations, peoples, communities, and cultures of the Americas—societies of historic complexity facing accelerating change. The Initiative pursues new understandings the United States and the diversity within its borders, new engagements with diverse peoples, communities, and cultures across the hemisphere, and new perspectives on the accelerating movement of peoples and visions across borders—and across continents. We aim to cross national boundaries and disciplinary borders to explore a hemisphere of peoples who are integrating and creating differences in unimagined ways.

    Phone: (202) 687.3358Visit the: Website Browse: Research Projects and Upcoming Events Meet: Faculty
  • American Studies Crossroads Project (now the visible knowledge project)

    The American Studies Crossroads Project provides a comprehensive and integrated platform for pedagogical, scholarly and institutional information for the international American Studies Community.

    Location: Car Barn Phone: (202) 687.0625 Visit the: Website Browse: Current Projects Meet: Staff
  • American Studies Program

    The goal of the American Studies program is to analyze the social, historical, material, ideological and aesthetic aspects of American culture, past and present. The program integrates knowledge from the fields of history, literature, political science, economics, philosophy, sociology, theology and the fine arts. This enables students to grasp the cultural patterns of American societies while pursuing their own interests within that framework.

    Location: Car Barn 311 Phone: (202) 687.9869 Visit the: Website Browse: Research Projects and Upcoming Events Meet: Faculty
  • Anesthesia, Department of

    The Department of Anesthesia provides perioperative care in multiple locations throughout the Medical Center. The goal of the first year of clinical training is to give residents the broadest possible exposure to the range of the practice of anesthesia. This is achieved through a series of monthlong clinical rotations at Georgetown University Hospital.

    Location: CCC Building, Lower Lever Phone: (202) 444.8640 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • Anthropology, Department of

    The Department of Anthropology at Georgetown includes a diverse group of scholars in cultural anthropology. The worldwide research the department conducts addresses pressing global issues surrounding the new economy, gender, human rights, transnational migration, race, religion, social justice and the law. The department seeks to attract students who are committed to understanding and communicating the complex linkages between culture and power in changing local, national and global circumstances.

    Location: Car Barn 308 Phone: (202) 687.7340 Visit the: Website Browse: Courses Meet: Faculty
  • Appellate Litigation Clinic

    The Appellate Litigation Clinic provides intense training in the art of oral and written advocacy as it is practiced in some of the highest courts in the nation, at a level appropriate to those courts and the issues presented. The clinic strives to provide the best representation possible, comparable to that provided by the best appellate firms in the country.

    Location: Law Center Phone: (202) 662.9555 Visit the: Website Meet: Staff
  • Applied Legal Studies, Center for

    The Center for Applied Legal Studies' professors and fellows help students prepare for their cases through weekly classes, simulation exercises, tutorial meeting, and mock hearings conducted a few days before real hearings are held. The teacher/student ratio is 4:1, ensuring extensive supervision in the preparation and execution of each case.

    Location: Law Center Phone: (202) 662.9565 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty and Staff
  • Arabic and Islamic Studies, Department of

    The Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies works closely with undergraduates to create understanding of the Arab world through the highest-quality teaching of Arabic language and culture. A particular goal of this department at the undergraduate level is to help learners reach advanced levels of communicative competence (proficiency) in both spoken and written Arabic.

    Location: Poulton Hall North, Second Floor Phone: (202) 687.5743 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty and Staff
  • Art and Art History, Department of

    The Department of Art and Art History offers bachelor's and master's degrees. Georgetown's art courses focus on the individual student's experiential development of the imagination and creative thinking processes as an integrating force in the liberal arts curriculum. Art history courses introduce a range of cultures and media, and provide the disciplinary grounding for the study and interpretation of art. All courses in the department emphasize the study of original works of art in some of Washington’s outstanding galleries and museums.

    Location: Walsh Building 1221 Phone: (202) 687.7010 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • Art and Museum Studies Program

    Georgetown’s master's degree program in Art and Museum Studies brings academic study of art museums together with museum practice and emphasizes the international contexts of museums in the modern world. Through courses, individual research, and internships, students work closely with Georgetown art history faculty, curators and other museum professionals in Washington, D.C., and with faculty specialists at Sotheby's Institute of Art in London and New York.

    Location: Walsh Building 1221 Phone: (202) 687.7010 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • Art History Program

    Georgetown's Art History Program offers both an undergraduate major curriculum and a flexible component of several disciplinary and interdisciplinary concentrations within the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Foreign Service. Courses at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels focus on a range of historical periods, cultures and media, as well as methods of study and problems of interpretation and criticism.

    Location: Walsh Building 1221 Phone: (202) 687.7010 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • Asian Studies Program

    The Asian Studies Program offers certificate programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. These certificates can be completed with courses on Korea and China from a variety of disciplines and multidisciplinary majors, including international relations, science and technology, culture and politics, history, government, economics, anthropology and more.

    Location: ICC 513 A Phone: (202) 687.6636 Visit the: Website Browse: Courses Meet: Faculty
  • Australian and New Zealand Studies, Center for

    The Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies is part of the Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service. The center offers a program of courses about Australia and New Zealand in such disciplines as history, government, international affairs, sociology, literature and fine arts. Instruction is by current Georgetown faculty members, with a Fulbright Visiting Professor of New Zealand Studies generously underwritten by the New Zealand-United States Educational Foundation, and an adjunct faculty member from the United States and overseas.

    Location: ICC 232 Phone: (202) 687.7464 Visit the: Website Browse: Courses Meet: Faculty


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