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Board of Directors Working Groups


A special working group created by the Board of Directors to oversee issues, policies, and compliance requirements related to  all aspects of University athletics, and to keep the Board informed of matters.


Paul Tagliabue, Chair
Mary Beth Connell, M.D.
Peter C. Cooper
Alonzo H. Mourning
Rev. Joseph P. Parkes, S.J.
Kevin M. Warren
Victor R. Wright


A special working group created to help give direction to the University's ongoing student life programs.  The Board determined that it was in the interest of the University to create this working group to provide advice and counsel on how best to ensure the highest possible quality of life for Georgetown students, embodying the Jesuit principles of educating the whole person in and outside the classroom. 


Aline O'Connor, Chair
Alberto L. Beeck
Laurie Hodges Lapeyre
Rev. Bienvenido Nebres, S.J.
Rev. Stephen V. Sundborg, S.J.


In the Fall semester of 2014, the student group GU Fossil Free (GUFF) put forth a proposal calling for complete divestment of Georgetown's endowment from the 200 largest fossil fuel companies.

This proposal went to Georgetown's Committee on Investments & Social Responsibility (CISR), an advisory body made up of faculty, students, and administrators charged with reviewing proposals from members of the Georgetown community on issues related to socially responsible investing. 

CISR considered the GUFF proposal, ultimately voting against forwarding the proposal to the Board.  CISR made a recommendation, based on the conversations and discussion of the GUFF proposal, which was sent to the Committee on Finance and Administration of the Board of Directors (per Georgetown University bylaws).  The CISR proposal recommends:

  • Targeted and Focused Divestment (coal)
  • Reflective and Strategic Engagement
  • Continuing Assessment

During Georgetown University's February Board meeting, several  members of the Board of Directors meeting with GUFF students to discuss their proposal.  Board members committed to review the CISR recommendations by the end of the 2014-2015 academic year. 


The Board has established the Board Working Group on Fossil Fuel Divestment Proposals, headed by Board member William R. Berkley.  The mission of the working group is to evaluate the CISR proposal and to  make recommendations to the Finance Committee of the Board, which will then make a recommendation to the Georgetown University Board of Directors.

The working group  will hear presentations by GUFF and CISR, to provide background on their positions and recommendations; University officials, including the Georgetown University Chief Investment Officer, to review feasibility of recommendations and to be a resource for process-related questions from the working group; and possibly others to provide perspectives on the sustainability and divestment conversations broadly.

The working group will meet by videoconference or teleconference throughout April and May, 2015. 


William R. Berkley, Chair
Maurice B.W. Brenninkmeijer
Peter J. Clare
William J. Doyle
Sr. Carol Keehan, D.C.
Rev. Joseph P. Parkes, S.J.
Shéhérazade Semsar-de Boisséson