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Video: h.Innovation Summit Session 2

Thursday, April 19

Note: The video may take a few seconds to appear.

The role of technology at Georgetown is being reimagined. The h.Innovation Summit brings together leading thinkers from the IT industry to join with faculty, students and university leaders to explore new ideas and come up with actionable solutions to innovation challenges.

If you would like to comment or submit a question to the panelists via Twitter, please use the hashtag #Ideas2Action. You can also follow @hoyainnovation on Twitter.


  • Idea Session 1a: Innovate
    • “Personalizing Education for The Planet”: David Liu, Chief Operating Officer / Knewton
    • “Rethinking the Credential: An Online Coaching Platform for Veterans”: Gunnar Counselman, Founder & CEO / Fidelis
    • “Lifelong Learning: Higher Education and the Adult Learner": Jonathan Tice, Senior Vice President / Destiny Solutions
  • Idea Session 2: Collaborate
    • "Building a Space That Facilitates Collaboration”: Andrew Dolan, Head of Facilities & Company Culture / LivingSocial
    • “Trello: Design, Transparency, Feedback”: Bobby Grace, User Experience Guru / Justin Gallagher, Designer / Fog Creek
    • “Social Media & Listening”: Cory Edwards, Director of Social Media & Reputation / Dell
    • “A Social Education Platform”: Nathan Schultz, Vice President of Supply Chain / Chegg
    • “Studying Social”: Ross Blankenship, Co-Founder & CEO / Ben Winter, Co-Founder & CMO / StudyHall
    • “Digitizing Student Work”: Steve Silvius, Founder & Chief Education Officer / Three-Ring
    • “Social Tools that Empower the Student Experience”: Michael Hacker, Co-Founder & President / Rob Castellucci, Co-Founder & VP of Marketing - Roomsync 
Session 1 of this summit if available here

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