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New System Coming for HR, Benefits and Finances

Georgetown Management System The Georgetown Management System (GMS) will replace Genesys, PeopleSoft and Employee Access+ over the next two years.

March 7, 2011 – A new administrative and financial management system will replace the university’s current systems over the next two years, Senior Vice President Spiros Dimolitsas has announced.

A single entity – the Georgetown Management System (GMS)  – will take the place of the current Genesys, PeopleSoft and Employee Access+. 

Administered through a company called Workday, the initial phase of implementation – which includes human resources, benefits and payroll – goes live during the first quarter of 2012.

Basic Information

“We wanted to begin providing some basic information about this change and what it will mean for our community,” stated Charles DeSantis, associate vice president and chief benefits officer. “Basically, anyone who currently uses time sheets or any of the human resources and benefits forms will see changes as we head into 2012.”

GMS orientation workshops for faculty and staff began March 3 and will be offered throughout the spring and early summer.

During the late summer and early fall, training on the new system will be provided to targeted groups.

Training Access

“The most intense training will be for those interacting with GMS on a regular basis in order to do their jobs,” says Mary Anne Mahin, vice president and chief human resources officer. “But everyone will have access to training and support as we make this transition. Right now, we’re focusing on introducing GMS more broadly.”

A new website has been created to provide up-to-date information on GMS to faculty and staff. The site currently includes an orientation schedule, downloadable copies of presentations, other GMS-related materials and a list of contacts.

“We want to encourage people to take advantage of the orientations and website,” says DeSantis. “And we really want to hear their questions. It’s a big project and it has big impacts. This will definitely be a dynamic and interactive process.”

Anyone with questions about GMS can email them to for more information.

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