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Bradley Cooper Comes Back to Georgetown

September 3, 2010 – Movie and television star Bradley Cooper (C’97) told Georgetown students that being willing to fail is an important lesson on the way to success.

“Fall on your face, really – it’s the only way you’re going to learn,” Cooper told a packed crowd at Georgetown Sept. 2 in response to what advice he had to offer students. “God help you if you never fail, because you’ll never grow.”

An honors English major at Georgetown, Cooper talked about his time at the university and participated in a Q&A session, courtesy of the Georgetown Lecture Fund.

Cooper candidly admitted he was not initially accepted at Georgetown as a freshman, but as a transfer student. This formed his bond with the school, however, and he emphasized that, "College wasn't a blur to me… because I always felt so lucky to be here."

Most recognized for his roles in Wedding Crashers and The Hangover, Cooper got his first taste of acting in a Georgetown production of "Dangerous Liaisons." The experience motivated him to apply to graduate school in New York and pursue his dream of becoming an actor.

Joe Napier (C'14) says Cooper being an alumnus is one of the reasons he applied to Georgetown.

"I came tonight to see a fellow Hoya who made his dream of acting come true," Napier says. "I too want to pursue a career in acting and his success was an inspiring factor for me to apply to Georgetown."

Samhir Vasdev (C11), chair of the lecture fund, says it's important for students, particular first-years, to hear from successful alumni such as Cooper.

"It allows them a window into the incredible potential that lies in their future here at Georgetown," Vasdev explains. "It reminds them that, whether their interest lies in politics or environmentalism or the arts, they're at a fantastic place to learn, grow and succeed."

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