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Speeches & Addresses

A Collection of Spoken Ideas

Dr. DeGioia speaks at the Georgetown Global Forum
The speeches and addresses listed below are a selection of the remarks Dr. DeGioia gives each year.  Together, they comprise a rich catalog of ideas, issues and events characterizing the Georgetown community since Dr. DeGioia's inauguration in 2001. 

They are organized chronologically by theme: Notable Addresses, Town Halls and Convocations, the Georgetown University Community, Welcoming Leaders, Academic Excellence, Catholic and Jesuit Identity, Interreligious Dialogue, Social Justice: Women and Men for Others, and Global Engagement.

We hope you enjoy reading.

Notable Addresses

Reflections Upon Receiving Sophia University's "Esteemed Friend" Honor (November 19, 2014)

Reflections on the Life and Career of Dr. Mitchell Spellman (Washington, DC, November 23, 2013)

Remarks at the Launch of 'Designing the Future(s) of the University' (Georgetown University, November 20, 2013)

McCourt School of Public Policy Foundation Exercises (Georgetown University, October 8, 2013)

Reflections on Our Way of Being an American Catholic and Jesuit University(Washington, DC, October 6, 2012)

Commonweal Conversations: Address and Award Acceptance (New York City, NY, September 27, 2012)

"Where the World Meets the Church and the Church Meets the World": Reunion Weekend 2012 (Georgetown University, June 1, 2012)

2012 Rivier College Commencement Address  (Lowell, MA, May 12, 2012)

Honorary Degree Ceremony for Chancellor Kaya Henderson (Georgetown University, April 21, 2012)

10th Anniversary of the U.S.-Afghan Women's Council  (U.S. Department of State, March 21, 2012)

College and University Sustainability Pledge Signing Ceremony (American University, February 29, 2012)

Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society 2012 Induction Ceremony (Georgetown University, February 3, 2012)

2011 New Student Convocation(Georgetown University, August 30, 2011)

Shanghai Welcome Reception for the Georgetown University Men's Basketball Team
(Consulate General of the United States, Shanghai, China, August 19, 2011)

2010 Campus Plan Testimony
(District of Columbia Zoning Commission, Washington, DC, April 14, 2011)

The Impact of Globalization on the Future of the University
(Tec de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico, February 15, 2011)

Building "Bridges of Understanding": Keynote Address at the Bridges of Understanding Annual Conference (Washington, DC, December 2, 2010)

Global Partnerships and Collaboration in Higher Education: Keynote Address at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry  (New Delhi, India, November 11, 2010)

Responding to President Obama's Challenge: Campus Compact Keynote Address
(Georgetown University, October 12, 2010)

Mass of the Holy Spirit: Celebrating the New Academic Year (Georgetown University, August 31, 2010)

New Student Convocation (Georgetown University, August 29, 2010)

Globalization and the Responsibilities of the University (National University of Singapore, August 18, 2010)

Inaugural Lecture at the Gladstone Institute for Cultural and Theological Studies, Wales
(St. Deiniol's Library, Flintshire, Wales, July 6, 2010)

Defining Georgetown's Future: A Call to Action (Boston, MA, March 4, 2010)

Loyola University Maryland Convocation: The Promise of Catholic and Jesuit Education
(Baltimore, MD, September 25, 2009)

Sant' Egidio "Prayer for Peace" International Meeting (Krakow, Poland, September 7, 2009)

School of Foreign Service in Qatar -- Inaugural Commencement (Doha, Qatar, May 9, 2009)

Catholic and Jesuit Education in a Changing World: Lecture at Ateneo de Manila University
(Quezon City, Philippines, January 24, 2009)

Signing Ceremony for Center for Transnational Legal Studies -- London, UK
(King's College, London, UK, October 28, 2008)

Queen's University Belfast Honorary Degree Ceremony: The Role of the University in Fostering Interrelgious Understanding (Belfast, Ireland, September 26, 2008)

Defining the Challenges, Embracing Leading Solutions: Lecture at Notre Dame's Annual Athletic and Academic Retreat (South Bend, IN, August 18, 2008)

Yale Center for Faith & Culture Conference: Social Justice, Human Development and the Role of the Academy (New Haven, CT, July 31, 2008)

St. John's Medical School Commencement in Bangalore, India: Globalization, Social Justice and "Care of the Soul" (Bangalore, March 4, 2008)

100 Years of Georgetown Basketball (Georgetown University, February 10, 2007)

Address on Building Diversity at Georgetown (Georgetown University, February 25, 2003)

Consortium on Financing Higher Education Annual Meeting: The State of Higher Education
(New York City, November 29, 2001)

Inaugural Address: Engaging the Tensions, Living the Questions (Washington, DC, October 13, 2001)

Service and Social Justice Launch (Georgetown University, October 11, 2001)

Town Halls and Convocations

Faculty Town Hall -- Spring 2015 (Georgetown University, February 24, 2015)

Faculty Town Hall -- Fall 2014 (Georgetown University, September 24, 2014)

Georgetown University Law Center Welcome Assembly (Georgetown University, August 29, 2014)

Georgetown University Medical Center Council of Chairs Meeting (Georgetown University Medical Center, February 7, 2014)

Faculty Town Hall -- Spring 2014 (Georgetown University, January 29, 2014)

Georgetown University Law Center Faculty Luncheon -- Spring 2013 (Georgetown University Law Center, March 27, 2013)

Faculty Town Hall -- Spring 2013 (Georgetown University, February 7, 2013)

Faculty Town Hall -- Fall 2012 (Georgetown University, September 20, 2012)

Faculty Town Hall -- Spring 2012 (Georgetown University, February 3, 2012)

Faculty Town Hall -- Fall 2011 (Georgetown University, September 22, 2011)

Georgetown University Medical Center Convocation - Spring 2011 (Georgetown University Medical Center, March 15, 2011)

Faculty Convocation -- Spring 2011 (Georgetown University, March 1, 2011)

Faculty Town Hall -- Spring 2011 (Georgetown University, February 3, 2011)

Faculty Convocation -- Fall 2010 (Georgetown University, October 20, 2010)

Faculty Town Hall -- Fall 2010(Georgetown University, September 28, 2010)

Faculty Convocation -- Spring 2010 (Georgetown University, March 3, 2010)  Watch a video honoring the Vicennial Medalists, celebrating 20 years of service at Georgetown.

Faculty Town Hall -- Spring 2010 (Georgetown University, January 22, 2010)

Faculty Town Hall -- Fall 2009 (Georgetown University, September 29, 2009)

Student Town Hall Meeting on Satire, Diversity and Intellectual Excellence (Georgetown University, April 20, 2009)

Faculty Convocation -- Spring 2009 (Georgetown University, March 3, 2009)

Student Town Hall Meeting on the Financial Crisis (Georgetown University, March 2, 2009)

Faculty Town Hall -- Spring 2009 (Georgetown University, January 16, 2009)

Faculty Convocation -- Fall 2008 (Georgetown University, October 14, 2008)

Faculty Town Hall -- Fall 2008(Georgetown University, September 25, 2008)

Faculty Convocation -- Spring 2008 (Georgetown University, March 11, 2008)

Faculty Town Hall -- Spring 2008 (Georgetown University, January 18, 2008)

Remarks at Open Meeting on LGBTQ Student Resources (Georgetown University, October 24, 2007)

Faculty Town Hall -- Spring 2007 (Georgetown University, January 19, 2007)

Faculty Convocation -- Fall 2006 (Georgetown University, October 12, 2006)

Faculty Convocation -- Fall 2005 (Georgetown University, September 25, 2005)

Faculty Convocation -- Spring 2005 (Georgetown University, March 15, 2005)

Faculty Town Hall -- Spring 2005 (Georgetown University, January 21, 2005)

Faculty Convocation -- Fall 2004 (Georgetown University, November 9, 2004)

Faculty Convocation -- Spring 2004 (Georgetown University, March 23, 2004)

Faculty Town Hall -- Fall 2003 (Georgetown University, September 24, 2003)

Student Speech and Expression Forum (Georgetown University, February 3, 2003)

Faculty Convocation -- Spring 2002 (Georgetown University, April 9, 2002)

Georgetown University Community

Reflections at the Baccalaureate Mass (Georgetown University, May 18, 2014)

Reflections at the Jesuit Heritage Week Mass (Georgetown University, January 26, 2014)

Reflections at the Memorial Service for Professor Wayne Knoll (Georgetown University, January 15, 2014)

Reflections at the Annual Advent Mass (Georgetown University, December 8, 2013)

Reflections at the Baccalaureate Mass (Georgetown University, May 19, 2013)

Eulogy for Rev. Gerard Campbell, S.J. (Washington, DC, August 17, 2012)

Farewell Dinner for Provost Jim O'Donnell(Georgetown University, May 15, 2012)

Initiative to Reduce Health Disparities Launch(Georgetown University, April 16, 2012)

Dinner in Honor of Georgetown Football, Joe Eacobacci, and the #35 (Georgetown University, September 9, 2011)

2011 John Carroll Weekend Awards Banquet (San Francisco, CA, April 30, 2011)

Celebrating Georgetown Athletics: 2011 Coaches and Captains Annual Dinner (Georgetown University, March 15, 2011)

2011 Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony(Georgetown University, February 25, 2011)

Farewell Reception for Dr. Daniel R. Porterfield (Georgetown University, February 17, 2011)

Inaugural Celebration for a New Home at the School of Foreign Service in Qatar(Doha, Qatar, February 13, 2011)

Commencement Remarks: School of Foreign Service in Qatar (Doha, Qatar, May 8, 2010)

Georgetown University Commencement Exercises, 2010

Remarks at the Department of Justice: John Sherman Award Ceremony for Former Law School Dean, The Honorable Robert Pitofsky (Washington, DC, April 20, 2010)  Read the Department of Justice Press Release

Announcement of the 17th Director of Athletics, Mr. Lee Reed(Georgetown University, April 15, 2010) Watch the webcast

Reception in Honor of Jewish Chaplain, Rabbi Harold White: Celebrating 41 Years of Service(Georgetown University, April 14, 2010)

Honoring the Imprint and Impact of Mr. Hap Fauth: Constructing the Rafik B. Hariri Building and the Future of the McDonough School of Business (Georgetown University, April 8, 2010)

Snow Appreciation Breakfast for Georgetown Employees (Georgetown University, March 3, 2010)

President's Scholarship Dinner: Introducing the 1789 Imperative (Georgetown University, September 25, 2009)

Dedication of the Rafik B. Hariri Building (Georgetown University, September 16, 2009)  Watch the webcast

Address at the Mass of the Holy Spirit (Georgetown University, September 1, 2009)

Remembering Father Thomas King, S.J. (Georgetown University, June 27, 2009)

Honoring the Service and Scholarship of Lombardi Cancer Center Founder, Dr. John F. Potter (Georgetown University, October 10, 2008)

Uncovering Truth: An Introduction of Professor Michael Eric Dyson (Georgetown University, October 1, 2008)

Reception for Father John O'Malley, S.J.: Honoring an Enduring Commitment to Scholarship and Service (Georgetown University, September 23, 2008)

Address at the Mass of the Holy Spirit (Georgetown University, August 26, 2008)

Remarks at John Carroll Awards Banquet, Madrid, Spain (Madrid, March 7, 2008)

Campus Discussion on Access to Education in America(Georgetown University, April 19, 2005)

Reunion Weekend Address (Georgetown University, June 5, 2004)

John Carroll Society Dinner (Georgetown University, April 5, 2002)

Welcoming Leaders

President Barack Obama's Address on Climate Policy: Opening Remarks (Georgetown University, June 25, 2013)

Georgetown Welcome: U.S.-India Higher Education Summit (Georgetown University, October 13, 2011)

Sustainable Agriculture and the Future of Food: Introduction of the Prince of Wales (Georgetown University, May 4, 2011)

Oliver Tambo Lecture: Introduction of Minister Trevor Manuel (Georgetown University, April 11, 2011)

Richardson Lecture in American Studies: A Conversation with Edward Albee (Georgetown University, March 24, 2011)

Introduction of U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton (Georgetown University, December 14, 2009) Watch the webcast

Welcome Reception for Ambassador Mark Dybul: Confronting the Global AIDS Challenge(Georgetown University, April 2, 2009)

Introduction of Archbishop Bruno Forte (Georgetown University, November 10, 2008)

Launching the "Narratives of Secularity Lecture Series: Introducing Keynote Speaker, Dr. Charles Taylor (Georgetown University, October 21, 2008)

The Sandra Day O'Connor Project on the State of the Judiciary: Remarks Introducing Dr. Alan Greenspan (Georgetown University Law Center, October 2, 2008)

Georgetown Public Policy Institute Whittington Lecture, 2008: The Honorable Michael Bloomberg (Georgetown University, September 17, 2008)

Introduction of U.S. Senator Russell Feingold (D-WI) (Georgetown University, September 15, 2008)

Dinner in Honor of British Ambassador Sheinwald (Georgetown University, May 1, 2008)

Introduction of Pastor Rick Warren (Georgetown University, February 4, 2008)

Introduction of British Prime Minister Tony Blair (Georgetown University, May 26, 2006)

Academic Excellence

Honorary Degree Ceremony for Michael Martin Kaiser (Georgetown University, March 14, 2011)

Investiture of Groundbreaking Scientist and Healer, Dr. Richard Schlegel, as the Oscar B. Hunter Chair of Pathology (Georgetown University, December 14, 2009)

Honorary Degree Ceremony for J. Willard Marriott, Jr. (Georgetown University, December 9, 2009)  Watch the webcast

Honorary Degree Ceremony for Labor Movement Leader, John J. Sweeney (Georgetown University, September 3, 2009)  Watch the webcast

American Association of Colleges & Universities President's Symposium: Bringing Theory to Practice (Georgetown University, November 10, 2008)

Miami-Dade Community College Commencement(Miami, FL, May 3, 2008)

Defining Excellence: Remarks at the Faculty Athletics Representatives Association Annual Meeting(Baltimore, MD, November 9, 2007)

Phi Beta Kappa Initiation (Georgetown University, May 16, 2002)

Catholic and Jesuit Identity

Launch of the Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life (Georgetown University, October 1, 2013)

Jesuit Heritage Week 2011 (Georgetown University, January 30, 2011)

Advent Reflections: Gaudete Sunday(Georgetown University, December 12, 2010)

Cardinal Newman Today: Issues of Culture and Faith(Georgetown University, September 23, 2010)

Catholic Health East Conference: Reflections on Mission and Identity at Georgetown and Beyond (Ponte Verde Beach, FL, June 1, 2009)

Prayer for the Nation (Georgetown University, January 16, 2009)

Sant'Egidio "Prayer for Peace" International Meeting (Nicosia, Cyprus, November 17, 2008)

Pedro Arrupe Centenary Dinner (Georgetown University, November 14, 2007)

Introduction of Cardinal McCarrick (Rome, Italy, May 10, 2007)

Jesuit Heritage Week (Georgetown University, February 4, 2007)

Interreligious Dialogue

9/11 Interfaith Prayer Vigil (Georgetown University, September 10, 2010)

Opening of Day Two of "A Common Word Between Us and You" Conference (Georgetown University, October 8, 2009)

Welcome at "A Common Word Between Us and You" Conference (Georgetown University, October 7, 2009)  Watch the webcast

Remarks at the President's Iftaar Dinner (Georgetown University, September 2, 2009)

Interfaith Approaches to Tackling Global Health Challenges: Combating Malaria (Georgetown University, December 12, 2008)

Visit to Dongguan Mosque and Islamic Center, China (Dongguan, China, January 3, 2008)

Sant'Egidio Conference on Religions and Cultures (Milan, Italy, September 6, 2004)

Social Justice: Women and Men for Others

Reflections on the Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela (December 11, 2013)

Tenth Annual Georgetown University - Kennedy Center "Martin Luther King Jr. Let Freedom Ring Celebration"(Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, January 16, 2012)

Ninth Annual Georgetown-University-Kennedy Center "Martin Luther King, Jr.: Let Freedom Ring Celebration" (Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, January 17, 2011)

Educating our Veterans: Annual Convention of the Student Veterans Association(Georgetown University, October 1, 2010)

Eighth Annual Georgetown University-Kennedy Center "Martin Luther King, Jr.: Let Freedom Ring Celebration" (Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, January 18, 2010)  Watch the webcast

Remarks at the Launch of the Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor (Georgetown University, November 10, 2009)

Seventh Annual Georgetown University-Kennedy Center "Martin Luther King, Jr.: Let Freedom Ring Celebration" (Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, January 19, 2009)

Making New Medicines Accessible to All: The Health Impact Fund (Georgetown University, December 1, 2008)

Six Annual Georgetown University-Kennedy Center "Martin Luther King, Jr.: Let Freedom Ring Celebration" (Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, January 21, 2008)

Compassion in Action: White House Roundtable on Malaria (Washington, DC, February 15, 2007)

Global Engagement

Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Japan (Georgetown University, March 15, 2011)

Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Haiti (Georgetown University, January 15, 2010)

Three Decades of Sino-American Relations Celebration (Georgetown University Law Center, November 9, 2009)

Waldemar A. Nielsen Issue Forums in Philanthropy: The Global Fight Against HIV/AIDS (Georgetown University, February 5, 2009)

Council on Competitiveness: U.S.-Brazil Innovation Learning Laboratory (Georgetown University, August 21, 2008)

DC Rollout of "Islam and the West": Annual Report on the State of Dialogue(Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC, April 3, 2008)

ACE Veterans Summit (Georgetown University, June 6, 2008)

Security and Globalization: U.S. State Department Remarks (Washington, DC, November 14, 2007)

Fudan University Signing Ceremony (Fudan, China, April 13, 2007)

UNESCO's Education for All: Opening Plenary (Georgetown University, February 28, 2005)



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