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Convocation Honors Professors for Years of Service, Donors for Support

March 25, 2013 – Georgetown honored more than 30 professors, plus academic and administrative professionals, for their two decades of service to the university during this year’s Spring Faculty Convocation.

Thirty Georgetown employees received Vicennial Medals at the March 19 event – gold for full-time service and silver for part-time work.

“With each of our Vicennial medalists, we honor 20 years of commitment to Georgetown and extraordinary work over [the years],” said Provost Robert Groves, who presided over the convocation. “That’s both in the pursuit of their individual academic interests [and] in the mentoring of generations of students.”

Georgetown President John J. DeGioia usually presents the medals but was at the Vatican attending the installation of Pope Francis.

Life of Learning

Rev. John O’Malley, S.J., delivered the convocation’s annual Life of Learning speech.

O’Malley is a university professor of theology whose best-known books are The First Jesuits (Harvard University Press, 1993), which has been translated into 10 languages, and What Happened at Vatican II (Harvard, 2008).

“I study the past for many reasons, but most profoundly, I study it to help me understand myself and the world in which I live,” said O’Malley, reflecting on his scholarship in history.

1789 Society

The university also recognized its newest 17 inductees to the 1789 Society at the convocation – alumni, parents of alumni and six companies and foundations became members of the university’s most prestigious society of benefactors.

“We know that without this kind of support, the faculty here and the Georgetown we love cannot achieve their goals,” Groves said. “And so we come together to note the synergy of these two types of commitments. We can’t do it without both working well.”

This year’s Gold Vicennial Medal awardees are:

  • Alan Andreasen, professor of marketing
  • Laura Bishop, academic program officer for Kennedy Institute of Ethics
  • Francisca Cho, associate professor of theology
  • Elliott Crooke, professor and chair of biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology
  • Catherine Evtuhov, professor of history
  • Rev. Stephen Fields, S.J., associate professor of theology
  • Jeffrey Gall, associate dean for student financial services
  • Rev. Patrick Heelan, S.J., William A. Gaston Professor of the Philosophy of Science
  • Lisa Heinzerling, professor of law
  • Claudine Isaacs, professor of medicine and oncology  
  • Maurice Jackson, associate professor of history
  • Francisco Larubia-Prado, professor of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Marilyn McMorrow, R.S.C.J., visiting assistant professor in the School of Foreign Service
  • Jean Mitchell, professor of public policy
  • Barbara Ridley Monroe, reference librarian at the Law Center
  • Alfonso Morales-Front, associate professor of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Lamar Reinsch, visiting associate professor of management
  • Elaine Romanelli, senior associate dean for MBA programs and associate professor of strategy and entrepreneurship
  • Verónica Salles-Reese, associate professor of Spanish and Portuguese
  • James Schaefer, associate dean of academic affairs and financial aid

This year’s Silver Vicennial Medal Awardees are:

  • Robert Carney, adjunct professor of law
  • Lars Cleemans, adjunct professor of pharmacology
  • Cathy Costantino, adjunct professor of law
  • Marianne Evans, adjunct professor of law
  • Russell Gaudreau Jr., adjunct professor of law
  • Israel Goldowitz, adjunct professor of law
  • Kenneth Hansen, adjunct professor of law
  • Mark Joelson, adjunct professor of law
  • Daoud Khairallah, adjunct professor of law
  • Benedict Lenhart, adjunct professor of law
  • Martin Morad, adjunct professor of pharmacology
  • Stefan Tucker, adjunct professor of law
  • Christine Wahl, director of Georgetown Leadership Coaching Certificate Program

This year’s 1789 Society inductees are:

  • Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
  • Barbara Felser Crocker (SLL’75)
  • Paul (C’62) and Swanee DiMare
  • David (SFS’72) and Nancy (SFS’73) Donovan
  • Robert (B’78) and Elizabeth Flanagan
  • Dr. Richard Fuisz (C’61, M’65)
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • William Stuart Kaiser
  • Jules (L’66) and Lynn Kroll
  • Oskar and Elfriede Lewnowski
  • Linda Morgan (L’76) and Michael Emile Karam (SFS’72, L’76, L’81)
  • Arthur Murphy (C’69)
  • Sara Crown Star (L’85)
  • Swing Fore the Cure
  • John Templeton Foundation
  • Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation
  • E.L. Wiegand Foundation              


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