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Medical Association Praises Professor's Online Anatomy Dissector

Carlos Suarez-Quian

Carlos Suárez-Quian

February 21, 2012 – The Journal of the American Medical Association has published a review of a “superb learning tool” for anatomy dissection developed by Carlos Suárez-Quian, a faculty member at Georgetown University School of Medicine.

Suárez-Quian, a professor in the biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology department, created the Online Guided Gross Anatomy Dissector (Sinauer Associates, 2011) to help students master the fundamentals of human dissection and gross anatomy.

Dr. Russell Nauta of Harvard Medical School reviewed the online learning tool in the Feb. 15 issue of the journal. He described the dissector as “an easily accessible, well-indexed, user-friendly guide to gross anatomy applicable to a wide range of potential uses, from first-year medical student to specialty clinician.”

The online dissector can be accessed on any electronic device with web functions and includes more than six hours of short cadaver dissection videos and interactive step-by-step instructions of actual cadaver dissection images.

“The dissector won’t replace what students learn in the laboratory, but serves as a lab tutorial, allowing students to reinforce their dissection experience through self-directed learning,” explains Suárez-Quian.

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