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Hoya Roundtables Bring Students and Administrators Together

Hoya Roundtable

This month's Hoya Roundtable focuses on student affairs including housing, student space and related services and programs.

January 23, 2012 – A new forum called Hoya Roundtables at Georgetown is giving students a chance to talk to administrators face-to-face about their concerns and suggestions.

The university leaders began the sessions this past fall and are continuing through the spring.

“Hoya Roundtables are a welcome stimulant for a needed conversation,” an editorial in the student newspaper, The Hoya, stated. “All we need to do is make sure we speak up.”

Engaged Conversation

Students haven’t been shy about speaking up. They have talked about everything from wireless networks to dining hall services in previous roundtables.

This coming Wednesday, Georgetown students will get a chance to question student affairs administrators about housing, student space and related services and programs.

“All the directors in student affairs will be there,” says Todd Olson, vice president for student affairs. “We'll all be introducing ourselves and engaging in conversation with students about any issues on their minds.”

Personalized Approach

The roundtables are the creation of Christopher Augostini, senior vice president and chief operating officer.

“We’re trying a more personalized approach to learning what the students need and how we can improve our services for them,” Augostini says. “This also is an opportunity for students to come to us with their ideas so we can take an active role by working with them toward a solution.”

Augostini says fulfilling the university’s mission to educate requires both a team of people inside the classroom as well as those outside the classroom who support student life.

“Being able to meet the people who make the decisions that affect students’ daily lives is an excellent way to enhance students’ relationship with the university,” says senior Ksenya Belooussova (F’12).

“Though I graduate this year, I think it’s great that the students after me will have a direct way of expressing their concerns for all four years at the university.”


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