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Qatar Campus Introduces New Program in Media, Politics

SFS-Q Media and Politics Program Image

June 10, 2013 – Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar (SFS-Q) and the Arab state’s Northwestern University counterpart (NU-Q) have joined together to create a new program for their respective students in media and politics.

“The program will provide a purposeful curricular grouping for students interested in the intersection of these two fields,” says Gerd Nonneman, dean of SFS-Q. “We think these are exactly the kind of collaborative opportunities our joint presence in Qatar enables.”

Georgetown and Northwestern are two of six American universities, a British university and a French university that have campuses within Education City in Doha, Qatar.

World-Class Programs

Gerd Nonneman

Gerd Nonneman, dean for Georgetown's School of Foreign Service- Qatar (SFS-Q) campus, says the new media and politics program will allow students to develop a deeper understanding of how media can be 'crucial links' between citizens and governments.

“The Education City environment acts as a catalyst for creating world-class joint programs that would not be possible anywhere else, Nonneman says. “We are thrilled to partner with Northwestern in this endeavor.”

Students enrolled at the two university campuses will be able to specialize in the study of journalism and communication in the political, diplomatic and policy-making processes, as well as in the role of politics and the shaping of mass media products and policies.

The program is designed to help students better understand how politicians, governments and citizens influence, and are influenced by, the media in its myriad forms and formats.

“Media are a crucial link between citizens and governments of all kinds,” notes Everette Dennis, dean and CEO of NU-Q. “This program will enable future leaders to develop a deeper understanding of the subtleties of this powerful dynamic as they prepare to become practitioners in media, public affairs or other fields. We are proud to partner with Georgetown to create this unique opportunity for students studying in Qatar.”


Identical Content

The programs are identical but Georgetown’s will culminate in an 18-credit hour certificate while Northwestern’s is an 18-credit hour minor. 

Most of the six courses in the program will be completed during the students’ junior and senior years.

In addition to completing the required courses, all students in the media and politics program will be required to give a formal presentation of an original project that focuses on the intersection of, or interaction between, media and politics.

“I would never have imagined to be majoring in international politics at such an elite university such as Georgetown while at the same time receiving a certificate in media and politics,” says Namera Waheed (SFS’14) “This can truly be achieved only in a place like Education City in Qatar, where everything is possible.”

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