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News organizations often turn to Georgetown faculty members for insightful, expert commentary on current events. From opinions on unfolding events to providing in-depth analysis, Georgetown scholars and researchers appear daily in local, national and international news reports.

The Office of Communications collects and archives news reports featuring expert faculty commentary. To read or listen to Georgetown faculty members in the news, visit the GU in the News archive.

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  • What the Mubarak verdict reveals about Egypt
    June 5, 2012
    "Clearly, many millions of Egyptians are unhappy because they feel the sentencing was light, that this was not just. Remember, 846 people were killed during those 18 days. That was the figure produced by the official Egyptian committee that investigated the killings during the revolution. And 6,000 were injured," Samer Shehata, Professor of Egyptian and Arab politics on the Mubarak verdict.
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    Source: CNN World

  • Status Quo Between 2 Sudans Is Not Quite War, Not Quite Peace
    June 1, 2012
    “I do not see things improving much and basically think that the current style of destructive but low-level violence will be the order of the day,” John O. Voll, Professor of Islamic history, on the current Sudanese peace talks.
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    Source: The New York Times

  • Facebook’s woes add to fears on Wall Street
    June 1, 2012
    “Retail investors need assurance that it’s a fair game and that the market will treat their trades properly and they are not at a huge disadvantage to the big guy,” James Angel, Associate Professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, on the potential retreat of retail investors in the stock market.
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    Source: US Equites

  • After Chicago, How Long Can NATO Stay Relevant?
    May 29, 2012
    “With the day-to-day interaction of its members, on a political and military level NATO creates a kind of social fabric of the West," Charles Kupchan, Professor of International Affairs, on the current state of NATO.
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    Source: TIME Online

  • Cha: Absence of Chaos Doesn’t Mean Order in NK
    May 29, 2012
    “North Korea as we know it is over" Victor Cha, Professor of Political Science, on the death of Kim Jong II.
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    Source: The Wall Street Journal

  • Hidden Wounds Healing after a soldier's homecoming
    May 24, 2012
    "The idea that war gives meaning to life is troubling to many of us, especially now as we think about our soldiers coming home from long years at war" Nancy Sherman, Professor of Philosophy, on the devastating effects of war on soldiers.
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    Source: America The National Catholic Weekly

  • Assassination + more NATO killings = Death for peace talks?
    May 17, 2012
    "[The United States] has been fighting for nearly 11 years, and we've already said we're not leaving until 2014...Talking is not only our best option, it's our only option" Christine Fair, Center for Peace and Security Studies Professor, on negotiating with the Taliban.
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    Source: CNN

  • As Repression in Egypt Grows, U.S. Must Back Fair Vote
    May 7, 2012
    "That the road from revolution to a new Egypt is arduous and twisting comes as no surprise. But few expected that today, one month from presidential elections, Egypt would be moving toward more repression and less accountability than under the deposed dictator Hosni Mubarak," Cynthia Schneider, professor in the School of Foreign Service, on the current political situation in Egypt.
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    Source: CNN

  • Obama Opens 25th Florida Office as He Outspends Romney
    May 4, 2012
    “Energizing a base that didn’t hang together over the past four years is very important, and that takes people on the ground as well as a good computer- tracking mechanism like he had in 2008." Stephen Wayne, professor of government, on Obama's campaign strategy in the coming election.
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    Source: Bloomberg

  • Pinterest’s gender trouble
    May 2, 2012
    “I remember years ago people saying, ‘Online communication is going to be gender neutral. This is great!’ But the same patterns show up everywhere. Anything associated with women is thought to have less value." Deborah Tannen, professor of linguistics, on the growing gender divide on social media sites.
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    Source: Salon

  • Leaders in Beijing Feared Arab Spring Could Infect China
    May 1, 2012
    “The leadership is quite insecure now,” Michael Green, associate professor in the School of Foreign Service, on the current Chinese political situation in light of the recent government scandal.
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    Source: Bloomberg

  • Bin Laden anniversary delicate moment for Obama, Romney
    April 25, 2012
    "This is a moment [for Obama] to be presidential and not worry so much about the campaign. The emphasis is that America will avenge itself, and we do take action when we are attacked. Not to be gloating, but to be strong." Clyde Wilcox, professor of government, on the anniversary of Osama Bin Laden's death.
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    Source: Reuters

  • If The Health Care Overhaul Goes Down, Could Medicare Follow?
    April 24, 2012
    "The Affordable Care Act has become part and parcel of the Medicare system, encouraging providers to deliver better, more integrated, better coordinated care, at lower cost. To all of a sudden eliminate that would be highly disruptive," Judy Feder, professor of public policy, on the potential consequences of striking down the act.
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    Source: NPR

  • Republican Groups Help Romney Fill Cash Gap With Obama
    April 23, 2012
    "So far, the Romney campaign cannot match Obama’s technology nor its outreach in the field. Obama’s early start gives him an advantage here." Stephen Wayne, professor of government, on Obama's campaign fundraising advantages.
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    Source: Bloomberg

  • What France's Presidential Race Means for the U.S. and the World
    April 20, 2012
    "France is preparing for a presidential vote that has potentially major consequences for the eurozone, European integration, and transatlantic relations," Charles Kupchan, professor in the School of Foreign Service, on the circumstances surrounding the upcoming French presidential election.
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    Source: The Atlantic

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