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McDonough School of Business Commencement 2014

Saturday, May 17, 2014, 6 p.m. ET

May 17, 2014 – The former CEO and president of AOL advised the 300 graduates from the McDonough School of Business (MSB) to stay steadfast in their entrepreneurial pursuits, even if they stumble along the way.

“Perseverance isn’t easy. It means pushing against currents that can be relentless and sometimes exhausting and it means constantly having to parry away the advice of people who think you should just throw in the towel,” said Steve Case, chair of the Case Foundation, during his commencement address. “So I encourage you to keep at it because some of the best ideas and the best companies exist today only because someone refused to give up, refused to take no for an answer.”

Case, who received an honorary Doctor of Human Letters at the ceremony, also encouraged the MSB graduates to be part of the challenging “third wave” of entrepreneurs who meld their ideas for the benefit of all while being mindful of government, policy and social sectors.

“The point is to take what you’ve learned not just on this campus but in this city and carry it with you as you go forward,” he explained. “Think boldly about what it means to have the opportunity to give back to your country and how to best use your passions to align with [those sectors].”

Graduates expresseda sense of gratitude for receiving their degrees after four years of rigorous studies.

"Graduating from McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University validates the American dream that my family was chasing when we immigrated to the United States five years ago,” said Kathure Gatobu Sharon (MSB’14), who will work for PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York in the financial services, structured products and real estate group. “As a first-generation college student and the first girl in my extended family to complete college, my degree represents hope and the dreams of my grandmother, mother and every little girl that did not have the chance I was given."

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