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Statement Regarding Georgetown's Mascot-in-Training

July 31, 2013

Statement from spokesperson Rachel Pugh


In April of 2012, our community welcomed Jack, Jr. (J.J.) to Georgetown as mascot-in-training. We housed the young puppy while consulting with trainers and experts to ensure that he was adjusting to life on campus.
Since that time, J.J.’s caretaker and walkers have worked to orient him to campus and train him for mascot duties. We also worked with professional trainers to help J.J. learn about life on a busy college campus. Recognizing that the lifestyle of a mascot is exciting and hectic, involving many people, thousands of screaming fans, and regular appearances at events both on and off-campus, we wanted to ensure that our puppy would be happy with this unique lifestyle.
After 15 months of monitoring and training, in consultation with these experts and the breeder, we determined that returning to a home environment is what is best for J.J.
We cannot express enough our gratitude to the Hochstetler family for their gift to our community. We are also grateful to Rev. Christopher Steck, S.J. and the Jack Crew for providing care and training for J.J. and Jack the Bulldog (Jack, Sr.). We look forward to working with them and members of our community as we make plans for our next live mascot.
While Jack, Sr.’s official mascot duties ended last year, he will continue to live on campus. The tradition of a bulldog mascot at Georgetown is a cherished one, and it will continue.


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