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Faculty Experts on Public Policy

The Georgetown community has always participated in the national conversation about presidential elections, and this year is no different. Watch video of the university's election events and professors' analyses of the current issues. Read about faculty members' expertise and explore how Georgetown has contributed to the dialogue about this year's heated race to the White House.

Faculty members are available to comment on a wide variety of election issues, including voting behavior, presidential history, congressional politics, religion and politics, gender politics, campaign finance, unemployment and job creation and international relations. To arrange interviews with faculty experts, please contact a media relations representative or call (202) 687.4328.


Faculty Experts Include:

Jason Brennan

Jason Brennan, assistant professor of ethics, is an expert in voting, the act of voting, interest groups, voters’ pathology, democratic theory and political bias. For the 2012 election, Brennan challenges the ‘moral obligation’ of voting – arguing the important thing is not that you vote but how you vote. Some of his published work includes his most recent books The Ethics of Voting and A Brief History of Liberty.

E.J. Dionne

E.J. Dionne, professor of public policy in the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, can discuss the strengths and weaknesses of competing political philosophies and trends of public sentiment in American politics. He researches and writes on a range of issues that include elections; polling; the role of media in politics; and the role of religion in public life. Dionne is a Washington Post columnist and a senior fellow in the Governance Studies Program at the Brookings Institution, and is a regular political analyst on National Public Radio and on various television and radio broadcasts. His best-selling book, Why Americans Hate Politics (Simon & Schuster, 1991) won the Los Angeles Times book prize and was a National Book Award nominee.

Harry Holzer  

Harry Holzer, professor of public policy in the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, can discuss the labor market, unemployment and job recovery.  The former chief economist at the Department of Labor is the author of numerous articles and books, including, "Where Are All the Good Jobs Going? What National and Local Job Quality and Dynamics Mean for U.S. Workers" (Russell Safe Foundation, 2011).

Edward Montgomery

Edward Montgomery, dean of public policy at Georgetown’s Public Policy Institute, can broadly discuss policy issues facing Congress and President Obama, including job creation, energy stabilization, immigration reform and improving education policy, among other pressing issues. Read a Q&A on the 2011 State of the Union and President Obama’s policy agenda.

Prof. Mark Rom

Mark Rom, associate professor of public policy in the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, is an expert in American politics, public policy, and ethics. He is the author of numerous articles and books, including the forthcoming chapter “President Obama’s Health Care Reform: The Inevitable Impossible” in The Obama Presidency: Continuity and Change (New York: Routledge).


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